Bentley’s first EV will be a High-riding SUV-like Sedan

by IndianAuto Team | 08/04/2020
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Bentley’s first fully-electric car will be a high-riding SUV-like sedan which is due to be revealed in 2025.

It is obvious that Bentley wants to penetrate into the EV segment but the company is in no rush to launch an EV soon. That said, we will probably see Bentley’s first-even electric sedan going on sale in some markets beyond 2025, as suggested by some recent reports. This timeline gives Bentley plenty of time to work on its all-new EV.

Bentley electric sedan front three quarters image

Bentley has already started conceptualizing its first-ever fully-electric car which is said to be a high-riding crossover-like sedan. As hinted by Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark, the company would launch its first electric vehicle featuring a more mature version of lithium-ion battery technology that is used in the EV segment today.

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Bentley is making heavy investment in the battery technology that can help reduce the cost of production and enhance the capability of batteries at the same time. And Bentley’s forthcoming EV is claimed to be share many similarities to the Jaguar I-Pace but it’s even more extreme.

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As such, Bentley’s new EV will combine the conventional sedan characters with a high-riding body stance to house the battery pack. Still, this machine won’t be pushed up into the full-SUV format to keep it aerodynamically-efficient. We know that Jaguar is set to introduce the upcoming XJ, a J-Pace-based model and a Land Rover in the same route as what Bentley plans for its electric vehicle.

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With Hallmark’s statement, it is safe to say that Bentley’s first EV will pave the way for the company to the sustainability and environmental leadership which Bentley has been trying to build up in recent years.

“If we’re to launch an electric car in the mid-2020s, then it either needs to be smaller than today’s cars or the same size but not as upright, and smaller isn’t an appealing solution, as it implies a lower price segment. The prediction is battery technology will have moved forward again by that date and that will put us at the edge of what we think we need to give customers – 300-350 miles (480-560km) of range, or enough to cruise at a 65mph average (around 105kph) for five hours”

Adrian Hallmark

CEO, Bentley

Last year, the Crewe factory of Bentley had been certified as a carbon-neutral facility. Also, the EXP 100 GT concept, which had a global premiere last year, also hinted at the future powertrain as well as the production methods that Bentley might be employing.

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The EXP 100 GT makes use of a 204 – 340 HP electric motor that is fitted with an advanced torque-vectoring system, with a mighty output of 811 – 1359 horsepower and over 1,500 of peak torque. With this powertrain, the machine is expected to do a mind-blowing 0 – 100 kmph sprint in the time of 2.5 seconds and achieve the top speed of 300 kmph. Though these numbers should be considered a huge target of Bentley in the long run, there is a possibility that the powertrain system might be introduced in the company’s first EV in the coming time.

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