Audi AI:Trail Quattro Previews Future Autonomous Off-Roaders

by Harish Kumar | 13/09/2019
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Audi has unveiled its Audi AI:Trail Quattro concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, previewing the future of emission-free automomous off-roaders to the world.

Audi has recently presented its fourth member of the visionary concept car family, called the Audi AI: Trail Quattro at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Audi AI: Trail Quattro concept, as weird as its name, would be an emission-free off-roader that combines autonomous functions as well.

audi ai:trail quattro concept front angle

In a bid to deliver a sustainable mobility future in the coming years, Audi has developed the AI: Trail Quattro as part of Audi Concept Group, so far including the Audi Aicon, Audi AI:ME and Audi AI:Race.

audi ai trail quattro 2019 front look

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Obviously, the AI:Trail Quattro is not an ordinary vehicle. The concept car takes shape of a buggy-styled four-door SUV that boasts the Quattro system, automated driving functions along with seriously incredible off-road capabilities. The “Trail” moniker here signifies the idea of exploring the nature hence it explains why the cabin of the SUV comes sans big screen for videoconferencing or streaming TV series but is surrounded by massive glass areas for better visibility instead.

audi ai:trail quattro interior look

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The show car is 4,150 mm long, 2,150 mm wide and rides on a set of massive 22-inch wheels. Thanks to the adoption of lightweight materials, the Audi AI:Trail Quattro weighs only 1,750 kg despite the high-capacity battery. The body of the car is made of high-tech steel mixed with aluminium and carbon fibre. It is worth noting that lighter weight is quite important for any off-roader. Considering the off-road performance, the AI:Trail Quattro can handle rocky and rough driving conditions with ease. Also, the Trail features MacPherson suspension struts, coil springs, adaptive dampers and a set of transverse links. Particularly, the SUV gets a set of special tires which can be helpful increasing the height by over 60 mm.

ai:trail quattro 2019 rear angle

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On the tarmacs, the Audi AI:Trail Quattro is much different from the conventional Audi models. It’s not a normal designed to achieve quick acceleration or travelling up to breathtaking speeds. In fact, the Trail’s development is intended for the areas without many charging stations, thanks to the use of a long-range battery package. As a result, Audi has equipped the Trail with four electric motors along with a big lithium-ion battery which can cover a range of 400 to 500 kilometres per a single charge. On the rough terrains and steep inclines, the car can remarkably provide a range of 250 kilometres. The Trail is designed to hit the peak speed of 130 kmph on the road.

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