Top Best Modified Renault Kwid In India

by Harish Kumar | 07/06/2020
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Many people love to modify the Renault Kwid to make it look better than the stock one. Check out the 5 best modified Renault Kwid of sorts in India.

The entry-level hatchback car from the French carmaker, Renault Kwid is an extremely popular car not just in the regular car market but also in the modified one. Renault Kwid itself is a looker with a crossover-inspired look. However, many people give the Kwid some modification jobs that make the car look much better than the stock model. Here are 5 best modified Renault Kwid of sorts in India.

1. Simplistic Modified Renault Kwid

simplistic modified renault kwid image 1

Since the stock Renault Kwid is already a good-looking car, just some minor mod jobs done to the hatchback can be a highlight on its overall appearance. There are no massive tweaks to the Kwid’s exterior package, save for new alloy wheels and refreshed lighting cluster at the front. This modified Kwid gets a set of gloss silver alloys while the LED headlamps and foglamps come to replace the regular units. Besides, we can see the Kwid being shod with wider tyres, thus enhancing the car’s aggression and sportiness.


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2. Blacked-out Modified Renault Kwid

Black is always a favourite shade of colour that the car modifiers sort out to give their modified cars a better visual effect. That’s what has been done to this modified Kwid car and even more.

blacked out modified renault kwid front angle

At first glance, the customized Kwid appears none other than a ‘black beast’. A custom black paint job with matte blacked alloys wheels, blacked-out logo or smoked headlamps are all the modifications made to the vehicle. It seems like the car tuner is so obsessed with black colour, isn’t he?

3. White-Coloured Modified Renault Kwid

Unlike the earlier car, this modified Renault Kwid seems to play the colour card when it comes to its exterior paint option. Based on the pure white coloured Kwid, the dual-tone black-white combination on this modified car rolls out a perfectly contrasting effect.

modified renault kwid white colour front angle

Black treatments are made to a host of exterior cues like front grille with emblems, headlamps, fog lamps housing and wing mirrors. Interestingly, there are some graphic works that mimic the scratches on the right headlamps along with three vertical black strips running on the bonnet.


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4. Red Devil Modified Renault Kwid

If you think the modification jobs made to the earlier cars aren’t enough, this Renault Kwid modified by Madurai-based Auto XSculpt gets a lot of visual amendments to make it more intimidating to look at.

modified renault kwid red devil front angle

Upfront, the modified Kwid gets HID headlights with LED daytime running lamps, small LEDs placed next to the fog lamps along with silver extensions on the bumper. There’s a host of blacked-out cues on the custom Kwid including black roof wrap, A-Pillars, C-pillars, outside mirrors and door handles. The rear end of the car receives black rear spoiler and applique on the boot lid. Other prominent accessories comprise of new 5-spoke dual-tone alloy wheels, roof rails, underbody lights combined with a Sparco-branded tow tag. Aftermarket skid plates are also added to the front and rear bumpers that add more to the car’s masculine looks.


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5. Best-looking Modified Renault Kwid

To pick up who is the best modified Kwid car of India, we choose this “masterpiece” modified by Monster Auto. This modified Renault Kwid is an absolute stunner from the front towards the rear.

modified renault kwid by monster auto

This Kwid has plenty of reworked styling cues such as revised bumper with red skid plates, red accents and grille and wing mirrors, sharp headlamps with wraparound LED DRLs, stylish-looking smoked tail lamps and aftermarket multi-spoke golden alloy wheels. The car doesn’t get any performance upgrades as the mod jobs are purely cosmetic but that’s enough to put you at the centre of attention.

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