Discounts On Mercedes Cars In India, Up To Rs 12.8 Lakh Off!

by Mohammed Burman | 10/07/2019
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Mercedes-Benz is providing generous discounts of up to INR 12.8 lakh across its portfolio in a bid to enhance its sales number. Read on to discover.

Because of the widespread slump in the Indian auto industry, numerous automakers including Mercedes-Benz are encouraging the customers to buy their products by constantly offering massive discounts across their portfolio in India. For more information on the discount offers for Indian car models, please pay a visit to IndianAuto.

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Discounts on Mercedes cars in India in July 2019 

Mercedes S-class

  • Maximum discount: INR 12.8 lakh

The flagship sedan of the German luxury automaker is being offered with discounts of up to INR 12.8 lakh and a cost-free insurance for the S 350d variant of the 2018 model which keeps under its hood a 3.0-litre oil burner which can produce 286 BHP. Moreover, this month, you will be entitled to an INR 9.05 lakh discount and a free insurance for the S450 petrol version. The luxurious Maybach line-up also comes with INR 7.75 down for the 2018 model.

2018 mercedes s-class 350d black front angle

The 2018 Mercedes Benz S-class 350d is offered with the greatest discounts this month, up to INR 12.8 lakh.

Mercedes CLA

  • Maximum discount: INR 10.25 lakh

If you buy an entry-level Mercedes CLA sedan this month, you can save as much as INR 4.15 lakh for the MY2018 model and INR 3.15 lakh for the MY2019 one. Meanwhile, the 45 AMG variant is available with a massive discount of INR 10.25 lakh, which makes it one of the biggest discounts on Mercedes cars In India. You also get free insurance for a year. This discount is only available on the AMG model, which keeps under its hood a 2.0-litre turbocharged gasoline burner with 360 HP.

2018 mercedes benz cla brown front angle

The 2018 Mercedes CLA is also available with a massive discount this month.

Mercedes GLE

  • Maximum discount: INR 9 lakh

Since the new-gen model has already been launched overseas, as a method to clear stocks of the outgoing model, the luxury German auto manufacturer is offering the 2018 Mercedes GLE with discounts of INR 9 lakh this month. The benefit is available on both of the 250d and 350d variants of the SUV. Additionally, an INR 3 lakh discount is also available for the MY2018 Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 coupe.

2018 mercedes gle 250d white front

Mercedes is offering the GLE with a discount of up to INR 9 lakh this July.

Mercedes GLC

  • Maximum discount: INR 7.55 lakh

Next in line on our list of discounts on Mercedes cars In India is the Mercedes GLC. Considering the upcoming launch of the updated GLC, Mercedes certainly wants to sell out the existing GLC. Benefits of up to INR 7.55 lakh, INR 7.30 lakh and INR 6.80 lakh are being offered on the 2018 models of the petrol 300 Progressive, diesel Prime and diesel Progressive, respectively. The MY2019 model is also available with INR 4.8 lakh and INR 4.55 lakh off for the diesel and petrol versions, respectively.

2019 mercedes glc black front angle

If you buy a Mercedes GLC this month, you will be qualified for a discount of INR 7.55 lakh.

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Mercedes E-class

  • Maximum discount: INR 7.50 lakh

The Mercedes E-Class is being offered with various discount levels, depending on the variants and the models. Specifically, the top-spec E 350d variant comes with INR 7.50 lakh off for the 2018 model. Both the MY2018 E 200 and E 220d trims are available with benefits of INR 6.75 lakh whereas the MY2019 units come with an INR 4.80 lakh discount. If you buy Exclusive and Expression variants of the Mercedes E-Class this month, you can also be entitled to a discount of up to INR 1.75 lakh. In the meanwhile, the All-Terrain version is being offered with an INR 1.75 lakh off.

Both the 220d and the All-Terrain are powered by a 2.0-litre oil burner which can generate 194 HP; the E 350d comes with a 3.0-litre V6 diesel motor with 258 HP; the E 200 keeps under its hood a 2.0-litre turbo petrol motor with 184 HP. The E-Class competes against the Audi A6, the Jaguar XF, the BMW 5-Series and the Audi A6 in the Indian auto market.

2018 mercedes e-class 350d white front angle

The E 350d variant of the 2018 E-Class is on sale with INR 7.50 lakh discounts.

Mercedes GLS

  • Maximum discount: INR 6.75 lakh

With the new-gen GLS about to launch in the foreseeable future, Mercedes dealers are offering the existing GLS 350d with benefits of up to INR 6.75 lakh. The Mercedes GLS is the largest SUV in the German automaker’s portfolio in India. It is powered by a 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged diesel motor which is good for 258 HP. The power is spread to the four wheels through either a 9-speed torque converter or a 4Matic system of Mercedes.

2017 mercedes gls 350d white front angle

Customers who buy a Mercedes GLS this month can save up to INR 6.75 lakh.

Mercedes C-class

  • Maximum discounts: INR 6.25 lakh

The Mercedes C-Class is available with discounts of up to INR 6.25 lakh and INR 5.75 lakh for the MY2018 C 220d and facelifted C 200 petrol, respectively. INR 3.75 lakh off is also being offered on the MY2019 models of both the two above variants. Moreover, the customers who buy a C 220d (for both the MY2018 and 2019 models) are also entitled to a special INR 50,000 ‘C-class Radiant Package’ free of charge. This package includes a sportier diamond grille and LED projector logo for the vehicle. Also, the 2018 C-class Cabriolet can be bought with a benefit of INR 1.50 lakh.

Mercedes introduced the C-Class to the Indian auto market in September last year. It receives its power from a diesel motor which complies with the BS-VI emission standards and can produce 194 HP and 245 HP on the C 220d and the 300d variant, respectively. Meanwhile, the C200 gets its power from a new 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol motor coupled with mild-hybrid technologies with a combined output of 184 hp. In the Indian auto market, the C-Class rivals the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series.

2018 mercedes c-class c 220d white side profile

The 2018 Mercedes C-Class 220d is available with an INR 6.25 lakh discount.

Mercedes A/B-class

  • Maximum discounts: INR 6.25 lakh

This July, both of the A and B-class models of the Mercedes V-Class can be bought with INR 6.25 lakh off, which is available on the MY2017 A-class, the MY2016 and MY2017 B-class. The two vehicles keep under their hood a 1.6-litre turbo gasoline burner with 122 HP and a 2.2-litre turbo oil burner with 136 HP.

2017 mercedes a-class silver front angle

This July, the 2017 Mercedes A-Class is being offered with a maximum discount of INR 6.25 lakh.

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Mercedes-Benz GLA

  • Maximum discounts: INR 6 lakh

The smallest Mercedes SUV, the GLA, is being offered with discounts of INR 6 lakh for the 2018 model. Moreover, the Urban Editions and Sports variants of the MY2019 GLA also come with INR 2.50 lakh and INR 4.25 lakh off, respectively. Furthermore, this month, the buyers of these vehicles can also get a Mercedes paint protection treatment for free.

2018 mercedes-benz gla brown front angle

The 2018 Mercedes GLA is available with INR 6 lakh off this July.

Mercedes V-class

  • Maximum discounts: INR 1.50 lakh

The V-Class, the premium people mover of Mercedes started to go on sale in January 2019 with a price tag of INR 68.40 lakh. Under the hood of the vehicle is a 2.1-litre turbocharged oil burner which can generate 163 HP. This month, the V-class is available with an INR 1.5 lakh exchange bonus.

2019 mercedes v-class blue front angle

The V-Class comes with an INR 1.5 lakh exchange bonus.

Mercedes CLS

  • Maximum discounts: INR 1.50 lakh

Thanks to the swooping roofline and a long bonnet, the CLS looks outstanding from all angles. It receives its power from only a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel motor with a maximum power of 245 HP. This month, you can buy the 2018 CLS with discounts of as much as INR 1.50 lakh.

2018 mercedes cls silver front angle

The 2018 Mercedes CLS can be purchased with an INR 1.50 lakh discount this July.

Not only this month but also two months ago, the largest luxury German automaker in India also offered huge discounts across its portfolio in India. 

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Discounts on Mercedes cars in India in May 2019 

Mercedes S-class

  • Maximum discounts: INR 12.8 lakh

People who bought the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-class in May could save up to INR 12.8 lakh if they bought a 2018 Model Year S 530d variant. The new variant is powered by a 3.0-litre straight-six diesel engine which can produce 286 hp. On the other hand, the S 500 variant, which received its power from a 4.7-litre V8 petrol motor and has been discontinued was also offered with INR 9.05 lakh off. When you bought either of the two cars, you were also entitled to complimentary insurance. There was also a discount of INR 7.75 lakh available on the S-class Maybach lineup.

2018 mercedes benz s class white front

The Mercedes Benz S-class was available with the largest discount in the portfolio, up to INR 12.8 lakh.

Mercedes C-class

  • Maximum discounts: INR 7.15 lakh

Being one of the most important models by Mercedes-Benz for the Indian auto market, the Mercedes-Benz C-class was eligible for a discount of up to INR 7.15 lakh on the facelifted C 220d and INR 5.75 lakh on the facelifted C 200, which are both the 2018 models. The 2019 model was also available with a discount of up to INR 4.65 lakh and Rs 3.75 lakh on the two variants, respectively. Customers who bought a 2018 or a 2019 Mercedes C 220d could also receive an optional ‘C-class Radiant Package’, which included the sporty Mercedes-Benz diamond grille and the LED projector logo.

2018 mercedes-benz c220d red front angle

Mercedes-Benz offered a discount of as much as INR 7.15 lakh on the C-class C 220d.

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Mercedes-Benz E-class

  • Maximum discounts: INR 6.75 lakh

In May, the Mercedes-Benz E-class, the most popular model from the German automaker in India, was also offered with total discounts of up to INR 6.75 lakh for the MY 2018 E 200 and E 220d while there was an INR 4.80 lakh discount on the 2019 models. The top-spec 2018 Mercedes E 350d was also available with up to INR 6 lakh. Moreover, if you bought an E-class All-Terrain, you could save INR 3.50 lakh.

2018 mercedes-benz e-class-e-220d white side profile angle

The Mercedes E-Class E 20d was available with a discount of up to INR 6.75 lakh.

Mercedes-Benz SUVs

  • Maximum discounts: INR 7.75 lakh

Also in May, the German luxury automaker was offering large discounts on a wide range of its SUVs. To be more specific, the Mercedes GLE, which is a popular SUV with the Indian auto buyers and will soon give way to the new-gen model, was getting discounts of as much as INR 7.75 lakh. On the other hand, discounts of INR 6.10 lakh, INR 5.25 lakh and INR 4.45 lakh were being offered on the GLA, GLC and GLS, respectively. Only available on order, there were no discounts offered on the Mercedes-AMG G 63. Having said that, the Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 Coupe was available with up to INR 3 lakh.

2018 mercedes gle silver front angle

In May, the Mercedes GLE SUV was being given a discount of up 70 INR 7.75 lakh.

Mercedes-Benz A-class, B-class and CLA

  • Maximum discounts: INR 6.25 lakh

Entry-level models of Mercedes-Benz such as the A-class, the B-class as well as the CLA are all underpinned by the MFA platform with an FWD system. In May, while the A-class and the B-class hatchback were eligible with a discount of up to INR 6.25 lakh for the 2016 and 2017 model, the CLA was offered with INR 4.25 lakh off on the 2018 model and INR 3.25 lakh off on the 2019 one.

Mercedes AMG offered the CLA 45 models with a big discount of up to INR 10.25 lakh for the 2015 Mercedes CLA 45 and INR 4 lakh on the later models. The vehicle was also applicable to an extra insurance.

2018 mercedes-benz a-class side profile angle

The Mercedes A-Class was getting a discount of as much as INR 7.75 lakh in May.

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Above is a list of Mercedes cars which are available with massive discounts. Grab the chance and go to one of German luxury carmaker’s dealer to have a Mercedes car delivered to your garage right away.

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