Here's How You Can Install A Wireless Charger In Your Maruti Baleno For Just INR 700

by Mohammed Burman | 18/05/2019
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Read on to discover how you can install a wireless charger in the Maruti Baleno for only INR 700.

Currently, Maruti Baleno is the most popular model in the Indian premium hatchback segment. The hatchback got a mild facelift earlier this year with a few cosmetic alterations made both inside out. Nevertheless, it still misses out on an interesting feature, which is the wireless charging dock. On the other hand, one of its main rivals, the Hyundai Elite i20 does offer this cool feature. Fortunately enough, installing a wireless charger on the Maruti Baleno is now possible by spending only INR 700. Firstly, let’s have a look at the video which shows how to install a wireless charger on the Maruti Baleno at such an affordable price.

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According to the video, it does not require any major wiring alteration to equip the wireless charger on the Maruti Baleno. However, bear in mind that this equipment will only be useful if your mobile phone supports wireless charging. You can find a wide array of modern mobile phones available on the market with this feature.

The wireless charger belongs to a package which also includes the charger module and a regular USB cable. One end of the USB cable can be connected to the power socket through a dedicated port which can be purchased in the local market. After that, the other end is attached to the charger which is stored in the space below the centre console. You can either connect it permanently with a double-sided tape or just contemporarily use it and then uninstall it whenever you like. Then the last thing you need to do is to place your mobile phone on the top of this charger, and then the phone will start to be automatically charged.

This wireless charger can be installed with just INR 700.

This wireless charger can be installed with just INR 700.

During the whole charging process, a light ring keeps glittering across the charger. If a non-compatible phone is placed on the charger, the light will glow in red and blue. The charger also gets an anti-slip top covering, which helps the phone avoid slipping when the car changes its speed.

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Not just the Maruti Baleno, any other automobiles can be equipped with this feature. The charger featured in the video is priced at INR 1,1999 as can be seen in its wrap. Nevertheless, thanks to the discount, he was able to purchase it at just INR 700. However, if you want to use this feature on a regular basis, we highly recommend that you choose a wireless charger produced by premium brands.

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