This Honda City DESPERATELY Wants to Become an SUV

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 13/05/2020
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Coming across lifted SUVs with massive MT-spec tyre is quite easy, but here's a weird Honda City with similar treatment.

With the ever-increasing affinity of buyers towards SUVs, carmakers are launching them in all shapes and sizes. Starting from compact SUVs to full-size body-on-frame mammoths, and from old-school boxy silhouettes to coupe SUVs - every possible iteration of 'SUV' is currently on sale across the world. However, not everyone likes to buy one off the showroom floor. Instead, they want to build one for themselves. Here’s one such car we recently came across on the social media. It is actually a modified Honda City that has looks desperate to become an SUV.


New-Gen Honda City Gets Body Kit Inspired from NSX Supercar

The Honda City in the video has been jacked up to a great extent. It looks like it is sitting on a set of massive 31" tyres. And, to fit them, the owner has also raised the ride height with the use of a lift kit and aftermarket springs. Also, there’s a roof rack mounted on its top. The exhaust of the car has also been rerouted and is now placed on the right-hand side. The number plate of the car is now fixed on the roof rack and a closer look reveals that the car is from a South-Asian country.

This modification does look unruly and brash on the Honda City. The wheels can be seen popping out of the fenders and the massive ground clearance with increased ride height has shifted the centre of mass to a higher point. Thus, the car would not handle the way a stock City does. Also, such modifications are banned in India. However, since this car is from a foreign country, we are not aware of the law there.


Here's What the Interior of Base Model 2020 Honda City Looks Like

honda city suv This Honda City DESPERATELY Wants to Become an SUV

The car in question here is the 6th-generation Honda City, while Honda is already selling the 7th-gen model in the ASEAN markets

We would like you to know that such modifications end up affecting the axle, hub bearings, CV Joints, and suspension components, adversely. Therefore, it is better advised, not to opt for such obnoxious customizations. Since there are a lot of SUVs available in the price bracket that Honda City sells in, we believe the owner was better off driving one of them. In India, prices for Honda City start at Rs. 9.91 lakh, which is Rs. 2,000 extra over Kia Seltos’ starting price of Rs. 9.89 lakh.

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