Honda Civic Modified To Lamborghini Aventador For Just Rs 10 Lakh

by Mohammed Burman | 27/01/2021
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In this post, we are going to show you some pictures of a Honda Civic modified into a Lamborghini Aventador for just below INR 10 lakh. Read on for more details.

Becoming the owner of an exotic rare car in India is many Indian drivers’ dream which, sadly, has been hardly realized. Some high-end performance cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini are much more exorbitant than regularly mass-produced cars; the high import taxes in the country make these cars even much more extravagant, which make them almost unaffordable to average people. Executive Mod Trendz (E.M.T) has recently created a Lamborghini Aventador, which is actually a modified Honda Civic for just INR 10 lakh.

honda civic modified to a lamborghini aventador front

The modified Civic is very well-designed with sharp creases all over the body and looks like a real Aventador, especially for those who have never seen the latter in real life before. This is actually an improved version over the latest kit that EMT launched, which makes the “Lamborghini Aventador” looks more realistic.


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The headlights come with the exact shape and details of those on the real Aventador. Integrated three-pointed DLRs also make the modified Civic bear a stronger resemblance to the real Aventador. Black wheels with red callipers are also available, which contributes to the sportiness of the car. The doors open like normal doors, which allows you to easily reach the doors to open and close them. The car also comes with flush-type door handles which are hidden below the door crease. Behind this is the cap of the fuel tank which is designed in a way to match the body sharp edges.

honda civic modified to a lamborghini aventador rear

An Infinity-sourced sub-woofer is positioned in the boot space. Since the seating layout of this modified Honda Civic has been customized into a two-seater one with two bucket seats, the cargo space has also become much larger than the stock one. The boot lid is also designed in a way to bear a strong resemblance to that on the real Aventador.

honda civic modified to a lamborghini aventador boot space


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Regarding the interior, while plenty of carbon fibre is available in the cabin, there are many other features designed to resemble those on the Lamborgini Aventador. The seats also feature Lamborghini logos. A Lamborghini-inspired starting button on the centre console is also available. The car receives its power from a 1.9-litre gasoline burner mated to an AT unit, which suggests that this is a fun car to drive. While the alterations to the exhaust and the engine have not been revealed, it appears to be a performance car.

honda civic modified to a lamborghini aventador dashboard

honda civic modified to a lamborghini aventador interior

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