Hyundai Nexo Sets World Record - 778 KM On A Single Tankful

by Harish Kumar | 05/12/2019
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Hyundai Nexo, a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle, has recently broken a new world record for travelling the 778 kilometres on a single tankful.

When zero-emission vehicles enter a conversation, hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles are usually only mentioned as an afterthought. In real-life too, these vehicles get easily eclipsed by pure-electric vehicles. Hyundai, however, still thinks the former is worth our attention. The South Korean auto giant has proved to the world that in the race for EVs with decent power, better ease of use, and quicker recharging, hydrogen fuel-cell cars can leave pure-electric cars in the dust. Its hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo has recently set a world record for the longest distance travelled by a hydrogen-powered car in a single tankful, covering about 778 km to achieve the feat.

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Introducing Hyundai Nexo - HyundaiWorldwide

Being driven by a French aeronaut, Bertrand Piccard who is no stranger to breaking the records, the Hyundai Nexo, in a single tankful, completed a 778 km long journey across France with a range of 49km still available in use. This outdoes the official rating of 611 km by the EPA for the Nexo earlier.

“With this adventure, we have proven that with clean technologies, we no longer need revolutionary experimental prototypes to break records. Everyone can now do it with standard zero-emission vehicles. A new era in performance is beginning, for the benefit of environmental protection.”

- Bertrand Piccard

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hyundai nexo suv front angle

The Hyundai Nexo is a well-known hydrogen fuel cell SUV in the global market

The Hyundai Nexo is a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric SUV which uses hydrogen to power an electric motor which can produce 161 PS and 394 Nm of torque along with a 1.56 kWh battery storing excess energy. Fuel-cell electric cars work by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air to create electricity with the water vapour as the by-product.

hyundai nexo hydrogen suv rear three quarters

The Nexo SUV sets the world record for driving the longest range in a single tank

One of the biggest advantages of the Hyundai Nexo over pure-EVs is that it can be easily recharged without the need to plug-in for hours. Its tank can be filled with hydrogen just like conventional IC-engine vehicles can be filled with fuel. The Hyundai Nexo has driven Hyundai to the top spot of the FCEV sales chart during the third quarter of 2019.

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At first glance, the Nexo rather sports a rather bespoke and sophisticated design. What makes it more special apart from being an all-electric SUV is a suite of autonomous driving assistances along with a futuristic blind-spot monitor. Some other driver assists, such as Highway Driving Assist that uses map data to control the speed of the car according to the speed limit of the roads, sensors to determine the environmental conditions, and Lane Following Assist for steering, accelerating and braking the vehicle at speeds.

hyundai nexon exterior front end

Hyundai has confirmed the launch of Nexo SUV in India sometime in 2021

Hyundai has confirmed the launch of the fuel-cell-powered Nexo SUV in the Indian market sometime in 2021. The hydrogen-powered SUV has been showcased in the country within the India-Korean Business Summit earlier this year, but the carmaker remains tight-lipped about the exact launch timeline in India. Hyundai’s first all-electric SUV in our market is the Kona EV which was launched only a few months back.

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