Here's What MG Motor Answered To "Donkey Car" Allegations

by Harish Kumar | 06/12/2019
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MG Motor has finally answered to the viral video showing an MG Hector pulled by a donkey to defame the brand.

MG Motor has just started its innings in India a few months ago with the MG Hector and has enjoyed a massive amount of success. This November alone, the company has sold 3,239 units of the Hector SUV. MG Motor has truly earned a fair share of the market with the Hector, which is advocated as the first “Internet-on-the-go” SUV in India  With as many as 1.23 per cent of market share, MG is current standing at seventh in the manufacturer charts the country.

mg hector suv red colour front angle

MG Hector is currently selling in pretty good numbers in the SUV segment

However, the Chinese-owned British brand has recently faced the wraith of a customer. A video and some photos have surfaced online which show a Hector owner in Rajasthan having his SUV pulled by donkey in front of the MG dealer. The video has gone viral on the interwebs, and that has caused a lot of nuisance for the company in recent days. The MG Hector in the video was covered in a handful of sarcastic posters saying that the Hector is a donkey vehicle or it’s an animal thing, etc.

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MG Hector pulled by a donkey | Video uploaded by Arun Panwar

According to the video, the car owner in Rajasthan was facing an issue with the clutch. He insisted that MG’s dealership not only hadn’t helped him resolve the problem, but had also been rude to him. The man then decided to get the Hector SUV pulled by a donkey right in front of that dealership, the scene managed to gather a bumper crowd and even managed to be reported on Zee TV. We do not know what had truly happened with the car owner in Rajasthan, but there’s no denying that the man has succeeded in attracting attention from the public.

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mg hector donkey car photo side angle

A Hector owner has got his car pulled by a donkey to criticize MG's poor after-sale services

The issue was brought to the notice of MG Motor India and the brand has finally had an answer. The company has strongly refuted to all the allegations made by the said owner and confirmed that they would take any appropriate action against the owner for his action of tainting the brand image.

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mg motor answer against hector owner allegation

MG Motor said that they would take appropriate action against the car owner for damaging the brand image

Launched back in June 2019, the brand new Hector SUV has witnessed more than 13,000 units sold till date along with 30,000 bookings waiting on the table. The waiting period of the Hector is extended up to 6 months in some cases. Apparently, these figures to some extent show us an immense trust that the Indian buyers have put in the British carmaker.

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Yesterday, MG Motor brought in the second product for the Indian market – the ZS electric SUV. The upcoming MG car will have its price announcement in January 2020. MG is also working to introduce the Hector 6-seater premium version as well as the BSVI-spec variant of Hector. A yet another SUV that is bigger than the Hector is said to be launched in the country by late 2020. This new SUV by MG will come to compete with the likes of Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour.

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