5 Best Car Gadgets in India That Will Save You A Hoard (Part I)

by IndianAuto Team | 03/07/2018
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They always say there is more than one way to skin a cat, and this applies perfectly to saving money on your car as well. And though it is not common knowledge, you can do more than just running on low-priced fuel. These are 5 car gadgets you should consider to get for your car if the idea of driving economically interests you.

1. TPMS or Tyre pressure monitoring system

TPMS is used for monitoring air pressure in pneumatic tyres and notify you of the tyres’ status. If you happen to have been owning an old car for around 10 years, chances are the vehicle itself is not equipped with this system since it has just become common in a few recent years, and you will end up going through all the pain of checking pressure with hand. The thing is an under-inflated vehicle tends to consume 20 per cent more fuel to win over rolling drag, hence hurting your wallet. Best advice is to get one TPMS promptly for your car after reading this and you will see how much dough you’ve saved after a year of using the system.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System kit; display and 4 sensors

Under-inflated vehicle tends to consume 20 per cent more fuel to win over rolling drag

2. Dash cam

This device goes by many names like dashboard camera, car DVR, car black box, or just dash cam. The purpose of dash cam is to record the view in the front of a vehicle without disturbance and thus to provide video evidence if traffic accidents, police corruption or vandalism happen; and most of all to foil insurance. Dash cam has been gaining currency and becoming one of the most sought-after car accessories with new newly-developed features being updated constantly. 

If you don't want to spend money on purchasing a dash cam, you can utilize your phone as a dashcam. There are free apps which could turn your phone into a well-functioning dashcam.

 Dashcam attached to windscreen of a car

Dashcam provides video evidence about traffic accidents, police corruption or vandalism

3. Sat-nav

To make the scenario of getting lost and figuring out the way to get to the wanted destination worse, a considerable and accumulative amount of fuel is consumed, draining you of your resources undesirably. Long story short, by fitting your car with a satellite navigation system, you are saving yourself the pain of waiting in and going through traffic, unintentionally wasting more fuel, in other words, wasting money for nothing. Current systems are normally integrated with speed camera alerts which warns the driver of motoring offence and keep you away from speeding fine and penalty points.

Sat-nav display attached to car’s windscree

With sat nav, you are saving yourself a load of money which is otherwise wasted out of running around aimlessly on roads

4. Steering-wheel lock

In the days of technology, thieves have loads of tricks up their sleeve to break their way into your car without using physical force. A further step you can take to hopefully outsmart them is immobilizing your car, not only with the built-in immobilizer but with a very handy steering-wheel lock. As the name suggests, the system locks across the steering wheel with a bar, frustrating every attempt to turn the wheel. This neat and simple system comes with reasonable prices and is an effortless way to improve chances against having your car being stolen.

steering wheel locked by a bar

It doesn’t take much to improve odds against car theft

5. Car tracker

If the worst case, in which all the anti-theft devices you have at your disposal fail, happens and the thief successfully breaks into your car and drives it away, the only thing you can do to claim back your property follows the trail the thief leaves behind if any; yes! If any. If not, well, prepare to get a new one if you can still afford another such.

Your best bet against this kind of situation is a GPS tracking unit for the vehicle. This device utilizes the Global Positioning System to track the carrier’s movement (in this case your car’s). What discourages car owners from getting one is that they cost quite a lot of dough (the unit starts at roughly Rs. 2200 lakh and works its way up from there). But better safe than sorry people say, as regret waits to set in the very moment you let negligence get the better of yourself, and regret does solve no problem.

Car GPS tracker system - The whole kit

Better safe than sorry. Cause regret or sigh or any form of frustration will not help to get your stolen car back

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