All You Need to Know about Warning Lamps (Part II)

by IndianAuto Team | 16/08/2018
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This is part II which follows up part I of the last series of “All You Need to Know about Warning Lamps”.

Very few people feel bothered enough to read the entire driver’s manual which accompanies the car when you buy it. The thing is it has everything you need to know about those strange-looking shining symbols on the cluster panel, why they are on and off, what are they trying to tell you about, or more exactly warn you about. Why yes! We are sincerely asking you to go grab the manual for all that information. But if you want to spare yourself the legwork, then read this article, which is actually what is carried over from your very own driver’s manual. 

7. Autocruise Icon

green icon of cruise control

What’s convenient is that the speed can be altered with the Autocruise lever

This symbol popping up to notify the driver that the Autocruise is successfully activated. The system helps with maintaining a preferred speed set beforehand by the driver without engaging the gas pedal. What’s convenient is that the speed can be altered with the Autocruise lever. Engaging the pedals will deactivate the system by default.

8. Fog lamps Icon

yellow icon of Fog lamps

Fog lamps are not supposed to replace or mistaken with normal headlamps 

One of the most recognizable icons on any type of vehicles. This set of lamps is deployed to increase the visibility of areas whose atmosphere is filled with smog, dust, fog or vapour that hinder driver’s sight. Fog lamps are not supposed to replace or mistaken with normal headlamps.

9. Low Tyre Pressure Warning Lamp

yellow icon of low tyre pressure

You should never risk insisting on driving in a car with low-pressure tyres cause it may lead to accidents

One or more than one of your tyres are underinflated. This icon glows when the TPMS senses the pressure in one of your car tyre being below the acceptable level. Reaching for the nearest facility that provides service of inflating. This should never be taken lightly since driving with low-pressure tyres is more likely to cause the tyres to blow out, leading to sudden lack of unbalance, failing brake and traffic accidents.

10. Engine Warning Icon

orange icon of engine warning

Briefly put this icon blinking or turning red notifies you of problems of the engine

Briefly put, this icon blinking or turning red notifies you of problems of the engine. In the case it flashes red, move to the side of the road and get help to have the car towed to the nearest garage for mechanical assistance.

11. Service reminder Warning Lamp

ellow icon of service reminder

No more neuron being wasted to memorize dispensable detail cause service reminder is here to help

Not all of us have a good memory especially when it comes to schedule. This convenient warning lamp reminds you of the time for the maintenance of your car. Just set up a specific point of time and leave it to the car to remember it for you.

12. Door Ajar Warning Lamp

red icon of door ajar

Check your doors to make sure all are closed

The red icon describes the downward view of an automobile with two doors being unclosed. Some cars have the icon with all four doors being open. This warning lamp is usually accompanied by an alarming bell which goes off if unclosed doors are detected.

13. Hazard Flashers

red icon of hazard warning button

The use of hazard warning lights may vary slightly among different countries

Hazard warning lights are two flashing indicator lamps that work/flash simultaneously to alert other motorists to the vehicle’s abrupt stop on a motorway, or warn them of the vehicle’s temporary being an obstacle.

14. Glow Plug Warning Light

yellow icon of glow plug

The problem will not run its course and end itself. You need to figure out what it is and correct it

The icon can stay on or blink when the ECU (Engine Management Unit) detects an error in the engine. Depending on the problem’s nature, you can either continue driving or have to stop and get help. If this warning light comes on, try to avoid the highway and find a nearby workshop for professional service. And remember not to rush cause it may end up worsening the situation.

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