How To Choose Tyres For Your Car Wisely

by IndianAuto Team | 16/08/2018
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This article will provide you with everything you need to know to choose the perfect set of tyres for your beloved vehicle.

What do you consider when buying new tyres for your car? Chances are the majority’s concern mainly deals with the affordability of the new tyre set they’re about to get, in other words, the purchase is strictly contingent on budget. Of course there is nothing wrong about following frugal plans or being thrifty; on the contrary, people should be encouraged to use their money more wisely. But (yes! everyone hates the word “but”) there is more to the story of having your car maintained, which totally makes sense financially when you look at a bigger picture of geography, weather, the amount of commute, etc. Confused yet? Don’t worry! This article will provide you with everything you need to know to choose the perfect set of tyres for your beloved vehicle.

1. Summer Tyres

Basically put, summer tyres are primarily engineered to improve speed and agility, also enhancing cornering and braking capabilities, which mostly applies to the case of racing cars. These attributes are highly required to help tackle wet driving condition as well as hot weather in tropical countries with monsoons and the extreme heat of summer. As a matter of fact, summer tyres provide more road-holding grip and traction than that of all-season tyres whose performance characteristics are greatly compromised to balance the multiple factors of both winter and summer driving.

An example of summer tyre

Their higher performance characteristics are much more valued in comparison with all-season

We recommend you strictly stick to these tyres if you happen to have a sports-oriented or high-spec vehicle to maintain and bring out the best of performance from your car.

2. All-Season Tyres

If you choose to go with all-season tyres, put it in mind that you are choosing a compromise between summer and winter tyres. But don’t get me wrong! It has its perks in picking a one-size-fits-all item. All-season tyres are preferred by drivers who mostly run in a city (where the roads are of decent quality and the environments are not so harsh) and have low mileage. Thanks to its versatility of adapting to cold weather, you don’t have to bother changing tyres and are all set whenever the temperature drops abruptly (the tyre can withstand cold below 7 degrees Celcius). Considering that you drive within urban environments only and with low mileage, a life cycle of a set of all-season tyres would last for around 5 years or more, saving you a lot of money from changing and replacing tyres.

An example of all-season tyre

All-season tyres are preferred by drivers who mostly run in a city​

3. Comparison

Fairly put, summer tyres are always more durable than all-season tyres belonging to the same class and usually come with more competitive prices. And if you also take the other matters of tyre noise, rolling drag which leads to fuel consumption rate, braking ability and traction, all-season tyres are nowhere near their summer counterparts. These valuable traits make summer tyres an optimal option for dealing with constant commute which results in huge mileage, unstable weather of the tropical countries. Still, if you are no long driver and happen to often experience unexpected cold spell in spring and winter, you should go for all-season tyres. 

So yeah! There are quite a bunch of elements going on here that you have to consider to get the best performance out of your car in relation to the money you invest in it. And put in mind that the new tyres have to be at the same size as that of the old ones, as well as other details like Speed Rating, Load Index & Service Descriptions.

Best advice from me is to get two sets of each type to swap back and forth according to each season, well! as long as you have room (in your car or your residence or somewhere else) to store the spare set.

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