Car Features Explained: Cruise Control and How to Use It

by IndianAuto Team | 09/01/2019
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Cruise control is a helpful feature that makes driving both convenient and safe. More and more cars are equipped with it.

Cruise Control, also known as speed control, is designed to assist the driver when running at constant speed in long journeys. It automatically controls the speed of the vehicle and only let the vehicle reach the preset speed. This feature is useful on highways or desert areas. In addition, for safety reasons, most roads set the maximum speed limit allowed to avoid drivers run over speed. As a result, almost all automakers have come up with the Cruise Control feature to help their cars operate at the desired speed, thereby reducing the need to press the accelerator pedal for a long period of time. Depending on the manufacturer, the minimum speed for this mode can be 20 km/h or 30 km/h. To ensure safety, car makers like Chevrolet or Ford set a minimum speed of 40km/h.

car travels on a curving road

Cruise Control is useful in a long journey

1. How to use Cruise Control?

The Cruise Control mode is easy to use. Once the vehicle reaches the desired speed, cruise control can be activated. All drivers need to do is detecting the position of Cruise Control button on their cars. Most autos have the cruise control button on the steering wheel, however, it is recommended that the driver should have a look and find the cruise control button while the car is immobile. With some models such as Chevrolet Cruze or Chevrolet Colorado High Country, the Cruise Control button is integrated on the front of the steering wheel. You just need to push the button to activate cruise control and the current speed is set as the cruise speed.

cruise control button on steering wheel

Most cars are equipped with the cruise control button on the steering wheel

2. Activate Cruise Control Mode

To enable Cruise Control on Chevrolet models, the driver needs to press the On/Off Cruise to enable this feature, then gently press accelerator pedal to the specified minimum speed. For the Chevrolet Cruze, minimum speed is 40km/h with convenient road conditions. At this point, the driver can remove his foot from the accelerator pedal without making the car slow down. The computer system will automatically adjust the accelerator pedal to stabilize the speed that the driver has set. Many drivers are particularly interested in this feature, particularly on speed-limit roads. Because once the Cruise Control is activated, their vehicles never exceed the speed limit, such as 80 km/h or 60 km/h.

3. Set - or RES + symbol on Cruise Control

In order to increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle, the driver can use the set-up symbol to automatically change the speed of the car, def + symbol to reduce the speed of the car and the Res + to increase its speed. Depending on the settings of each company, Cruise Control increases or decreases the speed of vehicle differently. With the Chevrolet, each increase and decrease will adjust 5 km/h. If the driver is traveling at a speed of 40km/h, the operator must simply lower the speed control by pressing the Set - symbol. When the driver is traveling at 80 km/h, if he/she suddenly encounters an obstacle and has to press the brake pedal and lower the speed to 60 km/h, he/she just has to press RES + to speed up the car to 80km/h.

Set - or RES + symbol on car

Adjust cruise speed with Set - or RES + button 

Cruise control is also quite safe when unexpected situations happen. Once the driver touches the brake pedal, this feature will automatically be shut down and the driver can actively control the speed of the car. After that, the driver simply turns on the Cruise Control feature to continue enjoying the long journey. However, if you are tired, never use Cruise Control, as it could lead to serious accidents. A few car manufacturers have come up with automatic braking in an attempt to mitigate accidents caused by driver fatigue.

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