Here Are Some Modern Features You Can Expect In Your Next Car

by IndianAuto Team | 10/06/2019
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Expectations are one of the key points that keep us going and the car market in India also proves it well. Read on to know better what features you can expect from your next car

When there comes a time to upgrade your vehicle, it's usual to have certain expectations from your new vehicle. Often, there are a number of features that are absent on your current car but are likely to be available on your next purchase. There are a host of features that every car manufacturer provides and one should have to be very careful before purchasing the new vehicle. Some of the features may seem very impressive but they’re not suitable to be used in our daily chores while some others appear to be humble yet they would be really helpful every day. Out of an ocean of features being provided by the various carmakers, here are some of the most useful ones crafted for people those who need a purposeful upgrade to their next new car.

Safety Features

Automatic Emergency Braking System

Automatic Emergency Braking System helps when the driver loses his concentration on the road.

Automatic emergency braking systems help in assisting the driver to stop the vehicle. A sensor at the front of the vehicle senses the movement of other vehicles approaching in its lane within a particular range of distance and will automatically apply the brakes thus by reducing the possibilities of hitting another car or at least it reduces the force of impact.

Blind-spot Warning Alert

Blind Spot Warning system alerts mainly while overtaking other vehicles.

It’s always impossible to see through what’s approaching in the areas that are not in our sight when we are inside the car. To make it out, some of the manufacturers are now coming up installing the blind-spot detection sensors that are placed on all the sides. Those sensors warn the driver through an audio or visual alert so that the driver can bring the focus take immediate action to avoid any collision.

Automatic Headlamps

Automatic Headlamps adjusts themselves the focus according to the road condition.

Automatic Headlamps are now becoming a trend that most of the car buyers are expecting this feature in their future cars. This feature works in a way that it analyzes the ambient light outside the car and automatically turn on the headlamps while on the go. Say, for example, if a car running on the road enters a tunnel, the sensor analyzes the amount of light inside the tunnel and turn on the headlamps for better visibility.

Rear Cross Traffic

One of the much-needed assistance is the Rear Cross Traffic that alerts the driver while taking the reverse.

Rear Cross Traffic is one of the much-needed safety features in every car that most of the people nowadays could not be able to concentrate on their rushing schedules every day. Rear Cross Traffic System uses the sensors at the backside of the car that it warns the driver in case of any cars or pedestrians crosses in their way while taking reverse from a crowded parking lot.

Parking Assist

Park Assist System helps the driver to park their vehicle easily.

Parking Assist is also one of the most needed features in every car as it helps out the driver to park the vehicle safely inside a parking lot without taking much effort. The sensors at both the front and rear of the car sense the distance between other vehicles and guides the driver to park their vehicle inside the space provided for them.

Curtain Airbags

Curtain and Side airbags come as a complete safety for the passengers inside a car.

Airbags are one of the most necessary safety features in a car today and it is mandatory to sell a car with driver and co-driver airbags in most of the countries. The next step in the passive safety system is bringing up more airbags inside the car to keep the driver and passengers safer in case of an accident. Curtain airbags, side airbags and knee airbags are the next big things that we should expect in our next car as it provides additional safety for the passengers. Curtain airbags are placed on the top of the doors and the side airbags are located on the side doors under the window. Knee airbags are used to provide safety to the driver and passenger’s legs in case of an impact which is located at the bottom of the dashboard panel.  

Convenience Features

Keyless Entry & Push Button Start

Most people expect their cars to come with keyless entry nowadays.

Keyless entry and push-button start are now becoming one of the demanded feature in India that people in our country tends to upgrade themselves when they plan to upgrade their drive.

Heads-up Display

Heads-up displays help keep the drivers' focus always on the road.

Heads-up display is used on behalf of safety precautions that it projects the information on glass such as current speed, navigation details etc. This feature also enables the driver to keep their focus on the road. Some premium cars offer the control buttons on the steering wheel to change the information which is also one of the most welcome features.

Multi-zone Climate System

For people who have different comfort zones, Multi-zone Climate System is specifically for them.

This provides two different climate conditions inside the passenger compartment of a car that also lets the driver and passenger set their own temperature to keep them comfortable.

Heated seats & Steering Wheel

In cold weather conditions, heated seats and grip give the warmth to the driver to make them comfortable.

In cold weather conditions, the heated seats offer a warm welcome inside the car as the passenger enters in. Heated Steering wheels offers the driver to keep their hands warmed up so that they couldn’t get distracted by the cold weather.

Touchscreen Infotainment System

It gives the people inside the car a premium feel while accessing the Touchscreen Infotainment System.

Touch Screen Infotainment System is also one of the features that’s becoming a common option in most of the cars now and people are also getting used to it. Touch screen infotainment system not only gives a premium look inside the car but also has its own functionality benefits by simplifying the operations.

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Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto help for navigation and in-Call assistance.

While some people still use their in-car navigation systems, others prefer it to be connected with their mobile to their car and start their navigation to reach their preferred destinations. Android Auto & Apple CarPlay is also becoming more trend in a host of features that are being provided by the car manufacturers.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control reduces stress during the highway rides.

Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the premium features that automatically adjusts the vehicle speed by analyzing the road traffic and maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles. This system is also known as Dynamic Cruise Control and can be used as a convenient feature in high-end cars.

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When we press the cruise control button on the centre console of the car, the sensors at the front will get activated and analyze the speed of the car. It automatically reduces the speed whenever approaching another vehicle at a closer distance and increases the speed if the lane is free.

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