How To Make Your Car’s Air Conditioner Work Most Efficiently?

by Mohammed Burman | 01/05/2019
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The air conditioner is becoming a vital feature in all modern cars, especially in this sweltering weather. But, do you know how to optimize the efficiency of your car’s air conditioner? Read on to discover.

This summer is expected to be the hottest on record. The temperature in the past days have been soaring and the air conditioner has become indispensable equipment in any modern car. But not all air conditioners are equally effective with some making you disappointed when they are of the utmost necessity. This article is going to provide you with 5 simple tips to optimize the performance of your car’s AC in the scorching summer.

air conditioner with air getting outside

The air conditioner is a vital component in all cars nowadays.

Park your car in a covered place

The most traditional and also the most effective method to boost the efficiency of your car’s AC is to park the vehicle in the shade.  This will prevent your car from becoming a greenhouse and maintain its cool temperature. Moreover, parking your car in a shady place can also reduce the pressure on the air conditioner when it starts working the next time.

The best course of action would be to park your car in a place covered by a roof. If you cannot find a covered parking place, some big trees can also provide enough shade for your car. In the worst scenario in which there is no shady place at all, move on to the next tip to discover what to do.

car parked in a covered parking lot

You should park your car in a shady place to keep it cool.

Cover the windscreens with a sunshade or a reflector

Imagine your car is parked in an open parking location without any coverings; it would turn into a heat absorber. When you return, entering the car would be a nightmare.

So, when you have no choice but to park your car in an open place which is full of sunshine, there is a solution, to cover the windscreen with a sunshade or a reflector. Being the components with a large surface area, the front and rear windshields are the most susceptible to the extreme sunshine. So putting a sunshade or a reflector on the windscreens will reduce the amount of sunshine attacking your car by a considerable degree. It would be much better if you can cover all the windows to minimize the heat entering your car.

cove the windscreen with a reflector

When their is no shady place available, a reflector or a sunshade is a good alternative.

Open the car window a little bit

Opening the windows a little bit open will help maintain a proper air circulation between the outside and the inside. This would allow necessary ventilation, thereby keeping the inside temperature equal or even lower than the outside temperature. Not only does this habit help reduce the pressure on your car air conditioner but it is also good for your health.

This method is certainly not recommended when you park your car in a public place for security reasons. So if you park your car in such places, moderately open the doors, wide enough to let the necessary air enter the cabin, but not too wide for others to steal things from your car. However, if your car is parked in a private and secure parking place, then you do not have to worry about leaving it open. Today, as window visors are installed, leaving the windows is much safer.

car black with the window slightly open

Opening your car window a little but can keep the car cool by maintaining a balance between the air outside and inside.

Open all the car windows before turning on the air conditioner

If you have left your car in an open place throughout a hot summer day, it would be advisable to open all the windows as the first thing you do once you enter the cabin. After that, drive for a few minutes with the open windows before revving up the AC. This helps release the hot air from the cabin and circulate the fresh air, thereby making the AC operate more efficiently and avoid being overloaded.

a hand operate the air conditioner

Do not turn on the air conditioner without opening the car windows before.

Have the car air conditioner regularly serviced

All components of the car need checking and maintaining on a regular basis for best performance, the air-conditioner is not an exception. The car should be taken to an authorized service centre or a trained air conditioner expert to conduct this service. The process of maintaining the air conditioner includes the following steps, which are a quite time-consuming process.

  • Check the air vent temperature;

  • Replace the AC gas;

  • Replace the AC filter;

  • Adjust the driver belts and pulleys;

  • Operate the valves and thermostats

  • Examine for leak in the system and components

  • Clean the condenser fins

  • Clean the whole system

car air conditioner checked by mechanic

You should have your car serviced regularly to make sure that the air conditioner is in good condition.

Above are five easy tips to make the air conditioning system of your car work effectively in the hottest summer days. Hope that with these tips, you can enjoy a pleasant travelling experience, even in the mót sizzling summer ever which is coming soon, in your favourite car.

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