Detailed Guidelines On Washing Your Car At Home

by Mohammed Burman | 29/05/2020
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This article is going to provide you with some tips on how to wash your car at home. Read on to discover.

Washing your car by yourself at home can be sometimes time-consuming but in the long run, it will help you save a lot of money. However, before washing your car at home, you need to get an insight into how to do it correctly and some prerequisites to fulfil to ensure that your car can get the best wash treatment. Below, we have compiled some of the most useful tips for you to do your car wash at home.

car washing

You are highly recommended to regularly wash the car to get an enjoyable driving experience.


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Things to prepare in advance

Before doing car wash at home, you need to prepare the following things: two water buckets, medium pressure water jet, car polish, window cleaner, washing shampoo, two sponges/wash mitts, wash brush for tyres scrubbing and microfibre cloths. Moreover, you also need to make sure that your car is parked in a shade and cooled down before you start giving it a wash. The reason behind this is that the hot surface will end up drying the wash shampoo very rapidly, which makes you have more difficulty in washing off the marks.


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How to wash your car at home - Step by step

Cleaning the wheels first

You can start the car washing by cleaning the wheels first. Use a water jet to rinse off the wheels and remember to apply the two-bucket method which entails filling one bucket with shampoo water and another one with clear water so that you can repeatedly soak the washing sponge in the clear water and then dip it in the shampoo water. This technique helps clean almost all the dirt and musk from washing sponge/mitts, which allows you to avoid scratching your car surface when the same sponge is used many times.

Because wheels are the dirtiest part of the car, you had better wash them first to make sure that all the dirt that is rinsed off the wheels will not land back on other parts of the car. Nevertheless, it is not a fixed rule and you also can start by cleaning the hood, roof and then finally, the wheels. After the two-bucket technique has been completed, rinse off the wheels again with the water jet and you have finished washing the wheels.

washing car wheels

You had better wash the car wheels first to avoid making other parts dirty. 

Cleaning the full body

Rinse the entire car using a mid-pressure water jet. This will help all the body dirt being rinsed off completely. After that, the whole car body can be washed with shampoo. Many car wash shampoos are on sale in the Indian auto market, which provides you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Shampoo the car in each of its parts, from the roof, hood, doors and then the rear. Right after you have finished shampooing the car, rinse off the entire car again.

cleaning car exterior

Next comes the step of cleaning the entire car body.

Soaking up and polishing the car

After the shampooing step comes car soaking and polishing step. Soak the water with a microfiber cloth. Use a cloth to carefully rub the wet body surface of the car so that no watermarks are left and the car is ready to be polished. After that, polish the car with another cloth to polish the car surface portion by portion, leaving the glass area.

The car exterior needs polishing to get the best-looking appearance.

The car exterior needs polishing to get the best-looking appearance.

Cleaning the car windows

The next step in the process of car wash at home is to clean the car windows. Use a separate window cleaner to clean the car windows. This will help wipe all the dirt off the windows which will look like new after this.

car window wash

Cleaning the car windows is also an important step in washing your car.

Vacuuming the interior

After finishing washing the car exterior, it is time to clean the interior. First, you need to remove all the garbage from the cabin; after that, you can vacuum the cabin. Try to get into every corner of the car, especially under the seats. Then, use an electrostatic cloth to clear all the dust off the hard surfaces. This type of cloth can also be used to clean the air vents and other areas which are hard to reach. Finally, use a small brush and soapy water to clean the pedals. Do not forget to put a towel down to prevent the car carpet from getting wet.

car interior vacuum

The car interior also needs to be vacuumed to give both the driver and the passengers the most comfortable journey.


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Some notes for car washing

  • Use different washing sponge/mitts on wheels and the entire car surface;

  • Avoid strong-pressure water jet;

  • Use different pieces of cloth for polishing and soaking.

  • Use cool water for car cleaning as hot/warm water may react with the car paint surface and cause rust;

  • Do not move the washing sponge in circles since it can cause marks on the car surface;

  • Do not allow the car air to get dry;

Above are some simple steps to wash your car at home. We hope that with these steps, you can keep your car clean and safe every time you drive it.

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