Honda Jazz Vs Tata Altroz: Which One Is The More Suitable Option For You?

by Mohammed Burman | 10/02/2020
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While the Honda Jazz has been around in the Indian auto market for some time now, the Tata Altroz has just been launched last year. Can this newcomer effectively compete against one of its direct rivals, read this detailed Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz to discover.

Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz Introduction

The Honda Jazz has recently received an update after quite a long time being present in the market. It has received a new list of features along with new motors and transmissions. However, the changes, especially the cosmetic ones are limited, so they are difficult to realize.

The Tata Altroz was launched on January 22 as the first Tata model to be underpinned by the Tata’s brand-new ALFA which also supports many Tata cars in the future. The Altroz is also the first model to come with BSVI-compliant motors.

How these two hatchbacks fare against each other in the Indian auto market? Read this following comparison to discover.

Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz Dimensions: Which is bigger?

The Honda Jazz is greater than the Honda Jazz in length, height, wheelbase and kerb weight but measures less in terms of width and ground clearance. Actually, the Tata Altroz is the widest car in its segment.


Honda Jazz

Tata Altroz


 3,995 mm

 3,990 mm


 1,694 mm

 1,755 mm


 1,544 mm

 1,523 mm


 2,530 mm

 2,501 mm

 Ground Clearance

 165 mm

 190 mm

 Kerb Weight

 1,155 kg

 965 kg

 Seating capacity

 5 seaters

 5 seaters

There are two points which are noteworthy here. First is the lower ground clearance of the Honda Jazz in comparison with the Tata Altroz, which implies that the latter has better off-road capabilities than the former. And the other is the remarkably higher weight of the Jazz compared with the Altroz. The reason might be the fact that the Altroz is supported by the ALFA platform, which stands for Agile, Light, Flexible and Advanced.

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Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz Design: Which has a better appearance?

Exterior comparison

The Honda Jazz generally keeps almost all of its exterior features intact. The full-LED headlamps have been inspired by those on the City with a large and angular shape. On the side profile, you can realize a bold belt line which stretches from the front doors to the 3D-effect tail lamps. The rear is appealing with reflectors which are located in the two sides of the windscreen and a wide strip of chrome which runs along the boot width.

2018 honda jazz red front angle

The overall exterior design of the Honda Jazz has been maintained from the previous version.

The Tata Altroz is equipped with raised headlights and grille, which form a new layer over the bumpers. The masculine bonnet is surrounded in black, which makes it appear to be floating on the car body. On the side profile, you will notice the contrasting black window line, ORVMs and roof. In the rear, the taillights get sharp creases. Since all the panel is blackened, the taillight cluster is invisible and the lights seem to be floating on the car body at night.

2020 tata altroz yellow front angle

The Tata Altroz features a contemporary exterior styling.

Interior comparison

The Honda Jazz has an airy cabin with generous headroom, shoulderroom and kneeroom. It comes with soft and cushy seats. However, the insufficient headrest in the rear may cause some trouble for some tall occupants, especially on long journeys. Surprisingly, the Japanese automaker has decided to get rid of its signature “Magic seats”, which makes the Honda Jazz much more flexible. To make matters worse, the 60:40 split seat is also not available as well.

The Tata Altroz seems to overdo its competitor in this aspect. Both the front and rear doors open a full 90 degrees for easier entry and exit, which will also be adopted for future Tata models. The hatchback offers decent legroom as the rear passengers can extend their legs under the driver’s seats. It also comes with amber kneeroom but the restricted headroom might cause some problems for the tall passengers, particularly on long journeys, like the Jazz. The under-thigh support seems to be a bit lacking; nevertheless, the cushy seats can help compensate for this disadvantage.

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Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz Features: Which is more convenient and safer?

Safety and security features comparison

In the safety front, the Honda Jazz is equipped with dual airbags, ABS and reverse parking sensors as standard features across all of its variants. Other optional safety features on the top-spec variants include front fog lamps, seatbelt reminder, rear defogger and immobilizer.

As regards the safety features, the Tata Altroz comes with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, cornering stability control, rear parking and ISOFIX child seat mounts as standard features. The Tata Altroz proves to offer more safety features on its entry variants in comparison with the Honda Jazz. Moreover, the car feels well-built and solid, which is what Tata cars have been well-known for.

Convenience features comparison

The two first outstanding comfort features of the Honda Jazz are the updated 6.2-inch touchscreen and the 7-inch DigiPad 2.0 borrowed from the Amaze, which are two wonderful upgrades. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are also available. The central armrest borrowed from the Honda WR-V also offers the driver a comfortable journey. The other borrowed features include start/stop push button, keyless entry and autocruise. Other outstanding features include tilt adjust for the steering, steering-mounted audio controls and height-adjustable driver seat.

2018 honda jazz interior

The Honda Jazz's interior seems to be in need of an update.

The instrument cluster accommodates a 7-inch display which showcases the information like music, navigation directions, driving mode, etc. The hatchback also comes with a 7-inch touchscreen system, which is larger than that on the Honda Jazz. This system can support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and work smoothly. It also features the climate control settings in one corner and physical buttons in case the driver needs them when driving. Noteworthily, the system also allows the voice command to adjust the climate settings. Other prominent features include automatic headlights, rain-sensing wipers, 6-speakers, power windows, start/stop push button and height-adjustable driver seat. The Tata Altroz is a highly practical hatchback with many storage spaces like bottle holders and an umbrella in the doors, two cup holders, central storage space, a 15-litre cooled glovebox, etc. The Tata Altroz appears to overdo its competitor in terms of the comfort features.

2020 tata altroz interior

The Tata Altroz is equipped with a wide range of top-notch features.

Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz Engine Specifications: Which is more powerful?


With the same displacement for the 1.2-litre motor of 1,199 cc, the Honda Jazz’s petrol unit is more powerful than that on the Tata Altroz in terms of the maximum power and peak torque.


Honda Jazz

 Tata Altroz

 Engine Type

 1.2L i-VTEC Petrol

 1.2L Petrol


 1,199 cc

 1,199 cc

 No. of cylinders




 90 PS

 86 PS


 110 Nm

 113 Nm

 Drive Type




 5-speed MT/7-speed CVT

 5-speed MT

Both of the hatchbacks are equipped with an FWD system. While the Tata Altroz comes with only a 5-speed MT, the Honda Jazz also offers the convenience of a 7-speed CVT.


The 1.5-litre oil burner of the Honda Jazz can deliver higher power than the Tata Altroz by 10 PS; however, the peak torque of the diesel versions of the two cars both stand at 200 Nm.


Honda Jazz

 Tata Altroz

 Engine Type

 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel

 1.5L Diesel


 1,498 cc

 1,199 cc

 No. of cylinders




 100 PS

 90 PS


 200 Nm

 200 Nm

 Drive Type




 6-speed MT

 5-speed MT

Overall, in this comparison, the Tata Altroz loses in comparison with the Honda Jazz due to the lower maximum power and peak torque along with the less diverse transmission options.

Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz Top Speed: Which is faster?

Both of the petrol and diesel versions of the Honda Jazz can reach a top speed of 172 kmph. The top speed of the Tata Altroz has not been revealed; we will inform you as soon as the home-grown automaker announces it.


Honda Jazz

Tata Altroz

 Engine Types

 1.2L petrol/1.5L diesel

 1.2L petrol/1.5 L diesel

 Top speed

 172 kmph


 0 - 100 kmph

 12.95 seconds (MT), 14.37 seconds (AT)/11.31 seconds

 18 seconds/17 seconds

The Jazz can accelerate from a standstill to 100 kmph in a much shorter time in comparison with the Tata Altroz.

Honda Jazz vs Tata Altroz Fuel Mileage: Which is more fuel-efficient?

The petrol engines of the two cars deliver an almost equal fuel mileage while the oil burner of the Honda Jazz comes with a much higher fuel mileage figure than the Tata Altroz.


 Honda Jazz

 Tata Altroz

 Fuel Types



 Fuel Tank Capacity

 42 litres/40 litres

 37 litres

 ARAI-Certified Fuel Mileage

 19.0 kmpl/27.3 kmpl

 19.05 kmpl/25.11 kmpl

Since a car with a higher fuel mileage can help the owner save a great amount of money in the long run, the Honda Jazz attains a clear benefit over its competitor in this aspect.

2018 honda jazz orange front angle

The Honda Jazz completely overdoes its competitor in terms of the engine, thanks to the exceeding power, torque, top speed and fuel mileage.

Honda Jazz and Tata Altroz Price: Which is more affordable?

The Honda Jazz is priced in a higher range than the Tata Altroz.


 Honda Jazz

 Tata Altroz

 Ex-showroom Prices

 INR 7.45 lakh - INR 9.4 lakh

 INR 5.29 lakh - INR 9.29 lakh

 On-road Price (Delhi)

 INR 8.35 lakh - INR 10.67 lakh

 INR 5.91 lakh - INR 10.6 lakh

With a long list of advanced features and a more competitive price range than the Honda Jazz, the Tata Altroz gain a clear advantage over its rival in this aspect.

Tata Altroz: Other competitors

Apart from the Honda Jazz, the Tata Altroz also rivals the Ford Freestyle, the Maruti Swift, the Hyundai Elite i20, the Maruti Baleno and even its siblings, the Tata Nexon and Tata Tiago in the Indian auto market.

Other Competitors

Compare with Tata Altroz

 Ford Freestyle

 Tata Altroz vs Ford Freestyle

 Maruti Swift

 Tata Altroz vs Maruti Swift

 Hyundai Elite i20

 Tata Altroz vs Hyundai Elite 20

 Maruti Baleno

 Tata Altroz vs Maruti Baleno

 Tata Nexon

 Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon

 Tata Tiago

 Tata Altroz vs Tata Tiago

Honda Amaze vs Tata Altroz: Which one is worth buying?

Above is a detailed Honda Amaze and Tata Altroz comparison.Hope that this article can help you find a more suitable hatchback for yourself. If you prefer a hatchback with a simple, not-changing exterior and interior design along with powerful motors, the Honda Amaze appears to be the best choice for you. In the meanwhile, if you are looking for a more affordable and wider hatchback with a wide range of modern features and do not mind less powerful motors, the Tata Altroz is the one to go for.

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