Mahindra Cars At Auto Expo 2020

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 08/11/2019
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Waiting to catch a glimpse of upcoming Mahindra cars? Here's a list of Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020 with prices, images, specs, and more.

The Indian UV giant Mahindra is known for its purposeful, elegant, and butch SUV offerings in the Indian market. To further keep its prowess unhampered the manufacturer has introduced a couple of products to the market recently. A Pininfarina designed MPV and a Korean compact SUV have been the latest launches from the manufacturer, and god they are stylish. Although that’s not all Mahindra had it in their bag, there’s a lot left to be launched and drooled over for you folks. The autochthonous manufacturer would be launching a set of new SUVs in the coming year, but the best part is Mahindra would be showcasing most of them at the Delhi Expo 2020. And to let you netizens know more about what to expect, here’s a list of all the Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020 that you should come prepared to get a sight of.

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Spy video of the upcoming BSVI-compliant Mahindra and Ford SUVs


Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020 - New Mahindra XUV500 (Facelift)

Mahindra Cars at Auto Expo 2020 – Updated Mahindra XUV500

The first car on our list of Mahindra cars at Auto Expo is the beloved XUV500. While it’s not long ago that Mahindra gave it's old yet timeless XUV500 an update in the form of a facelift. Mahindra is testing another facelift for the SUV. This time around with flush door handles though, and they’d be the first in its segment, so is the car in this list of Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020. It is also expected to come with the new 2.0 oil-burner that Mahindra is speculated to be developing in a bid to replace the 2.2L mHawk unit when BS-6 emission norms kick in. There have been rumours, however, that the car might continue with the same 2.2-litre engine While current XUV500 is loaded to the gills, the updated one is expected to come plonked with smartphone-based controls via app to configure various controls of the car such as climate control, door locks, and remote access and start-stop function.

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Next-Generation Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Cars at Auto Expo 2020 – Next-Generation Mahindra Scorpio

The second car on our list is the most sold SUV from the Indian manufacturer, and it is none other than Scorpio. However, Scorpio can be described with words like mighty since the car has a long existence in the Indian market. But, the car hasn’t received any major generation change yet in its decade long production run. It is still underpinned by the similar architecture it started its life with. However, now Mahindra is testing the next generation of Scorpio that will be based on a completely new ladder-frame platform.

The new model is slated to be launched in the year 2021 with a completely new and revamped design. With a high hood, low roofline, and proportionate dimensions the new Scorpio will outlaw the image associated with the Indian SUVs. As on the outside, it will have a modern and premium ambience on the inside. Under the hood, the next-gen Scorpio is expected to come with the 2.0L oil burner that would also be seen doing duties on other cars. This diesel mill replaces the 2.2L mHawk engine with its higher power figures, refinement, and an extra edge of being a BS-6 compliant unit. And mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, expect the Scorpio to come with an optional AWD layout.

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Next Generation Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Cars at Auto Expo 2020 – Next Generation Mahindra Thar

The true-blue hardcore offroader of our country, Mahindra Thar is all set to receive a generation change for itself, in order to offer more the buyers. However, the car has turned old now and thus Mahindra is developing one from a clean sheet of paper, and expect it to be the best version of Mahindra’s classic jeep heritage. With a new studier frame and mechanical bits, the Thar will also get itself modern attire. With redesigned body panels, bumpers, and optional hard-top the Thar will feature a much more matured and masculine design.

The next-gen Thar will be bigger than it has ever been, creating some more space inside the cabin. Talking about cabin, the new Thar will get a lot of modern creature comforts such as steering mounted audio controls, cruise controls, ABS, dual front airbags, and a touchscreen unit for the infotainment system with a reverse parking camera. Thar will also feature the new 2.0L turbocharged diesel that is speculated to produce 140PS and 300Nms in BS-6 state of tune. However, for the first time, Thar will also get the 2.2L mHawk engine from the current XUV500 as BS-6 compliant unit. The 4WD layout will remain same as now, with a low-range transfer case and a mechanically auto-locking differential at the rear axle. With so much on its side, the new Mahindra Thar hasn’t been unveiled yet and we expect it to come without camo at the 2020 Auto Expo. Thus it has joined the list of Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020.

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Mahindra XUV300 EV (eXUV300)

Mahindra at Auto Expo 2020 - eXUV300

The Auto Expo lineup can’t be completed without an EV in today’s era where everyone's concerned about saving the environment. The polar bear friendly fuel is sure to replace the liquid carbon and the fuming IC engines will make way for the silent and torquey electric motors. To help our predictive wordplay sound as one forecast turning out to be true, Mahindra has showcased the electric version of its sub-4m compact SUV, XUV300, called eXUV300.

Mahindra XUV300 electric interior

In terms of interior, there isn't a lot of change in terms of design. Of course, there is no gear lever, but that is an extremely superficial change. The company states that this EV will have an aspirational value to it, which is quite true, to be honest. Although the car is still at a concept stage, this capable crossover would have a range close to 300 km on one full charge, making it extremely practical.

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Mahindra XUV400

Mahindra Cars at Auto Expo 2020 – Mahindra XUV400

Joining the list of Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020 is another XUV, a 400 this time. Yes! Mahindra is developing XUV400 that will sit in between the XUV300 and the XUV500. The XUV400 would be the 7-seater version of the XUV300 and thus will have a better-looking tail in comparison to the 300’s. It will be based on the longer version of the car that XUV 300 is based on. Ssangyong Tivoli is what we are talking about. Tivoli also has a bigger XLV variant and that is what Mahindra will be using to develop the XUV400. It will be the first car in its segment to feature 3-rows and 7-seats. But, the car will look commensurately better with the increased length at the rear. And to propel it Mahindra will make use of the existing engine options of a 1.2L petrol and 1.5L diesel that is offered with the XUV300. Thus for sure, it would be one of the most anticipated Mahindra cars at the manufacturer’s pavilion.

Mahindra Funster

Mahindra Cars at Auto Expo 2020 - Funster electric convertible SUV

Out of all the Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020, the Funster concept is perhaps the wackiest one yet. The electric convertible SUV was recently teased by Mahindra as an upcoming EV concept, but nobody was aware of the fact that it would be such an unconventional vehicle. We expect the Funster concept to be a showcase of the design philosophy that Mahindra will follow for its upcoming cars. This could, in fact, give us a slight idea of how the future SUVs by Mahindra would look like.

Mahindra cars at Auto Expo 2020 - Funster interior

In terms of specifications, the Funster derives power from a 59.i kW battery pack and features two electric motors with a full-time AWD system. The maximum power output of the car is a mind-blowing 310PS and the top speed is reported by the manufacturer to be 200 Kmph.

Mahindra A.T.O.M

Mahindra at Auto Expo 2020

Mahindra ATOM is a brand new concept vehicle introduced to the world by Mahindra at Auto Expo 2020. With its extremely compact dimensions and relatively roomy interior space, this is the kind of car you would expect at a futuristic meet-and-greet. In fact, the car seems to be inspired by the Mahindra e2o, Mahindra's subcompact electric hatchback from a few years ago. The ATOM will feature Mahindra's latest technological innovations, like a new electric drive, good safety ratings, and $G-ready connectivity.

That’s our list of upcoming Mahindra cars at 2020 Auto Expo that would be attracting a lot of eyeballs towards themselves. So go prepared and do not miss out anything. For more follow our interesting updates on the upcoming cars at 2020 Auto Expo at

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