Modified Mahindra Bolero Gains Muscles, Sunroof, And More

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 23/08/2019
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Modified Mahindra Bolero from Rogeotech gets some serious bulk and muscles to pimp up the plain and boxy styling cues of the Bolero. The modified car also comperes a lot of changes to the interiors, to give its passengers a comfortable and plush experience on the ride.

Introduced in the year 2000, Mahindra Bolero is still keeping it high by sales figures that every manufacturer is trying to achieve with their new cars. Turning 20 next year, Bolero hasn’t seen any major technical reforms in its life, apart from a couple of engine upgrades tendered to meet the emission compliances and tax benefits. Based on the Mahindra Armada platform, Bolero’s chassis is largely based on the Jeep’s CJ-5 platform, thus filling it in with loads of reliability. But in its 2 long decades of the production run, Bolero has never been associated with the words like modern, premium or say comfortable at least. Instead, the car is always seen as a rugged, crude and reliable set of machinery that is built to take on an apocalypse.

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On the front, the car gets a redesigned bumper, headlamps and an air scoop on the hood.

To address this issue, Roegotech, a Coimbatore based modification house has transformed a neat example of Bolero to a muscular one. The done-up car gets extensive modification job to make it stand out from the crowd and also provide the passenger with a comfortable and luxurious ride with the modified interiors. Any changes made to the SUV’s mechanicals or the engine specifications are yet to be confirmed by the modifier.4

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After this modification job, it is tough for anyone to relate this particular example with a subtle Bolero. On the front, the car gets a wide bumper with faux skid plates giving it a wider stance. The bonnet has also been modified by infusing a wide air-intake over it which does appear to be functional. With the use of restyled slim headlamps and separate LED DRLs and turn indicator assembly, the car does not come with any reminiscent essence of bolero at its mien. Though the side-profile does shed away a little about the donor car of this mod job, the flared wheel arches and the new wheel rims do impart a fresher look. The age-old pull-up design door handles have also been replaced with new pull to open style door handles, while the doors and side profile is now free from any crease and sheet metal indentation that is seen on the original Bolero.

The rear end does look smart with the new bumper and tail-lamps design.

However, it is hard to deny the fact, that the rear end is the best part of this mod job. The gasket held windscreen is now replaced with new flat design for the windscreen. The flared wheel arches make way for air-vents around the refreshed smoked LED taillights. The rear end is kitted with an elegant bumper, housing the Lamborghini-Esque fog lamps, and finished with a striking silver diffuser lower down the car. The red-black contrast paint scheme does its job perfectly to grab eyeballs to the car.

The dash makes use of all-black leather upholstery and piano black finish to get itself a premium appeal.

On the inside, the car is majorly revamped by the all-black leather upholstery finished with silver trims. The dashboard is also modified with a new design, seems inspired by a roller. The dashboard is finished in leather and piano black inducing a premium appeal to the cockpit. This bolero also gets a touchscreen multimedia unit with additional speakers to take on the audio duties.

The second row is replaced with individual captain chairs with a sunroof right above them.

The rear bench layout is replaced with captain chairs with individual armrests and recline functionality, while a sunroof is also available right over the rear seats, improving the luxury quotient of this Bolero. As a complete package, the mod job stands true to the efforts put in by the modification house, and some of these add-ons can convert a plain-jane Bolero into something more in line with other expensive cars.

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