The Story Of This Ferraris And Rolls Royces’ Owner Is Really Inspiring

by Mohammed Burman | 04/07/2019
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Dr. K. T. Rabiullah’s life is very special with numerous ups and downs. From a labourer, now, with hard efforts and determination, he has become a billionaire with a collection of luxury cars

There have been many stories about people who have overcome hardships in life and become millionaires or even billionaires. In India, such concepts have been featured in Bollywood movies, in which boys leave home and one day, return as a super rich man. Dr K. T. Rabiullah's life resembles this with a very special way to richness.

How does his life story go?

When Dr Rabiullah left home for the Gulf area to work, he was still very young. Step by step, he saved sufficient money to establish his own enterprise, which then has been expanded to a great empire. Being a famous philanthropist, Dr Rabiullah runs the Al Jazeera Shifa Group which is very popular in medical sciences around the world. Now, he employs approximately 1,000 people who work in his 50 clinics and hospitals all over the Gulf region. In these hospitals and clinics, 700 doctors are available all the time. Moreover, he is well-known for donating plenty of money to charity organizations.

He had to drop out of school in the middle of his schooling because of financial problems; nevertheless, later, he was given the ‘Doctor’ title by a medical institute. Moreover, he was also presented with the “Pravasi Bhartiya Samman” award, India’s most prestigious award for a non-resident India. He also got the “Shastri Award”, thanks to all of his great dedications.

Dr Rabiullah spends most of his time in Gulf area but he also leads a wealthy life with an impressive collection of luxury vehicles in India which includes SUVs, sedans and even sports cars. Today, let’s pay a visit to his water-mouth garage with IndianAuto, where you can also get an insight into many other celebrity car collections in India.

dr rabieullah honoured

Dr Rabieullah's story is typical of many success stories around the world but is special in its own way.

Dr Rabiullah's car collection

Rolls Royce Phantom II

Rolls Royce vehicles have become a familiar sight with the wealthy and famous, including Dr Rabiullah who possesses a Phantom II with a white paint scheme. Being the flagship model of Rolls Royce, the Phantom has great potentialities for modifications.

The vehicle keeps under its hood a 6.8L petrol V12 motor which can generate 453 BHP. When Dr Rabiullah bought it, the vehicle was priced at over INR 7 crore; however, its current price in the Indian auto market is INR 9.50 crore. It is among the most exorbitant vehicles available in India and perfectly matches Dr Rabiullah’s life.

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dr rabieullah rolls royce phantom ii white front

The Rolls Royce Phantom II is among the most exorbitant vehicles available in India.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Ghost is another Rolls Royce vehicle in Dr Rabiullah’s garage with the same white paint scheme as the Phantom. The base variant of the Ghost is priced at INR 4.9 crore. Under the hood of the Ghost is a 6.6-litre petrol motor which is good for a maximum power/torque figure of 562 BHP/780 Nm.

dr rabieullah rolls royce ghost white front angle

Dr Rabieullah's Rolls Royce Ghost also gets the same white paint sheme as his Phantom II.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Dr Rabiullah also owns a Ferrari 458 Italia, which is a very special vehicle in many aspects. It is the first ever car from Ferrari to come with such a special front end styling which has been applied to almost all cars produced by Ferrari and become typical of the company’s design.

The other thing which is special about the 458 Italia is that it and its special edition which was launched afterwards were the last Ferraris to receive power from a 4.5-L V8 motor which is good for 562 BHP. At its launch, the vehicle is priced at INR 3.5 crores and got Formula 1 techs such as KERS.

dr rabieullah ferrari 458 italia red side profile

The Ferrari 458 Italia is very special in numerous aspects.

Bentley Flying Spur

All rich and well-known people desire for a Bentley car. Dr Rabiullah is not an exception. He possesses a Flying Spur, which gets its power from a 6.0-L W12 petrol motor which can deliver 600 BHP.

The Bentley Flying Spur is equipped with numerous hand-crafted extra equipment, which makes the entire package’s cost amount to INR 2.5 crores at launch.

dr rabieullah bentley flying spur white front angle

A Bentley Flying Spur with a lot of hand-crafted extra equipment is included in Dr. Rabieullah's car collection.

Land Rover Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover is very popular with the rich in India because of its luxury nature, power and reliability. Dr Rabiullah travels in this car on a regular basis, mostly to work-related outings.

The Range Rover has a starting price of INR 2.14 crore in India. It is known to be one of the most premium SUVs which can also perform as a wild off-roader.

Mercedes S-Class

dr rabieullah land rover range rover

Dr Rabieullah usually uses the Land Rover Range Rover in work-related outings.

Being equipped with a wide range of comfort and entertainment features like the chiller, ambient lighting, ventilated and massaging seats, etc., the S-Class is among the best luxury sedans not only in India but also around the world.

The car keeps under its hood two engine options: a V6 3.0-litre diesel motor and a 5.0L petrol unit, with the latter exclusively equipped in its top-spec trim. Currently, the vehicle has a base price of INR 1.36 in the Indian auto market.

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Mercedes GL-Class

Another Mercedes car owned by Dr Rabiullah is the GL-Class, which the flagship model produced by the German luxury automaker. Despite being discontinued, the top-spec variant of the SUV has become the GLS. Underpinned by the platform of the S-Class, the vehicle provides its occupants with a similar level of comfort and convenience features. Now, it has a starting price of INR 86.53 lakh. Dr Rabiullah’s family usually use the Mercedes GL-Class on their holidays together.

dr rabieullah mercedes-benz gl-class white front

Dr Rabieullah possesses an old-gen Mercedes-Benz GL Class.

Porsche Cayenne

Long before Bentley and Lamborghini entered the sports SUV segment, Porsche had already had the Cayenne, which is a sports car with wonderful power and handling quality. It is also the first SUV which combined practicality and luxury into one premium SUV.

Currently priced at INR 1.19 crore, the vehicle keeps under its hood multiple motor options. The vehicle is among the best-selling models produced by the German auto manufacturer of all time.  Dr Rabiullah possesses an old-gen Porsche Cayenne.

dr rabieullah porsche cayenne black front angle

The Cayenne is among the top-selling vehicles of Porsche.

Nissan Patrol

The Patrol from Nissan is very popular in Gulf, which made Dr Rabiullah decide to import the vehicle to India. Coming with an all-black paint scheme, equipped with off-road tyres and a snorkel, the vehicle is an ideal off-roader which is likely to address any terrains effortlessly. This old-gen model keeps under its hood a 4.6L petrol motor which can produce 400 BHP.

dr rabieullah nissan patrol black side profile

The Nissan Patrol is a great off-roader which can tackle any hard terrains.

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Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle, which has made the Volkswagen name, is still available today. However, from a reliable and reasonably-priced car which is popular with average people, it has become a chic vehicle which is well-known for its cute styling. Dr Rabiullah's Beetle is the old-gen model which gets its power from a 2.0L petrol motor which can deliver 114 BHP.

dr rabieullah volkswagen beetle white yellow and black front

Dr Rabieullah possessed an old-gen Volkswagen Beetle.

Above are Dr Rabiullah’s success story and Indian car collection. With all his wills and determination, he sets a good example for youngsters to follow. Which vehicle in his collection impresses you the most? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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