Step-By-Step Guideline On Connecting Bluetooth In Car to Phone

by IndianAuto Team | 04/06/2020
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Connecting Bluetooth in car to phone will give you more convenience such as hands-free calls or wirelessly playing music from your phone via the car stereo. If you don't know how to do it, check out the article right away!

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that helps create a secure short local connection between your phone and other devices such as your car’s audio system. Although the process of connecting Bluetooth in car to phone is quite easy, some people struggle to do it. If you are not clear about how to connect Bluetooth in car to phone and have difficulties in pairing the two devices via Bluetooth connection, follow the simple instructions below to do it with ease.


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Step 1: Check your car’s Bluetooth

Firstly, you surely cannot connect Bluetooth in car to phone when your car does not have the technology. Normally, modern cars nowadays usually come with Bluetooth technology, so you don’t have to worry about not having it in your car. However, you can check your car’s Bluetooth capacities in the manual or you can look for the Bluetooth symbol on the infotainment system or car stereo. To activate the technology, you need to read the manual because systems on cars vary. On some vehicles, activating Bluetooth requires a certain number of steps while on the other cars, you only need to press a button. Once your car’s Bluetooth is activated, you’re one step closer to creating the connection.

hand free call on car

Having a Bluetooth connection with your phone can allow you to receive hands-free calls.


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Step 2: Check your phone’s Bluetooth

All working smartphones have Bluetooth technology that can be compatible with any other devices, so you should also not worry that your cellphone lacks Bluetooth. Nevertheless, double-check is never a waste of time. Usually, you can find a Bluetooth symbol on the notification panel, and when you press the symbol, you activate the Bluetooth on your phone. But if it is absent on the notification panel, you need to go to the settings and scroll down to the connections tab. At the connections tab, you will see the Bluetooth setting. Tap the checkbox or any button indicating turning on Bluetooth, usually next to/above your phone name. if there is a Bluetooth symbol appearing on the top of your phone, you have successfully activated it.

Bluetooth symbol

This is what the Bluetooth symbol looks like.


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Step 3: Connect Bluetooth in car to phone

Step 3.1:

Once you have checked both Bluetooth capacities on your phone and car, turn them on.

Step 3.2:

Check if there is a setting that allows your phone to be visible to other Bluetooth devices.

Step 3.3:

After seconds, your phone will display a list of available devices.

From the list, tap the device (your car) you want to pair.

Note that many devices require you to enter matching codes as a verifying step. For high-tech devices nowadays, they usually automatically enter the code and ask your permission before pairing. The verifying step only happens once unless you hard reset your devices or unpair the devices. From later on, you don’t need this step.

*Also, in case your phone won’t automatically show the matching codes to you, remember that some devices like hands-free car kits, may have a fixed Bluetooth PIN, e.g 0000.

connect Bluetooth in car to phone

After the 3 steps, you succeed in connecting Bluetooth in car to phone.

Step 4: Test the connection

After pairing your car and phone via Bluetooth successfully, it’s time to test the connection. You can open some sorts of music to check whether the sound is fine. You can also open the Maps application to see if the driving directions of AI instructions are clear. When everything is good, you have successfully connected Bluetooth in car to phone.


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In the article above, we have shown you how to connect Bluetooth in car to phone. As you can see, pairing the two devices isn’t a difficult task, and you can do it easily by following the above steps. We hope that this article is useful to you, and there are more helpful articles that can show you the best ways to buy, sell, use, maintain cars on our website.

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