How to Get Loan Against Your Car

by Mohammed Burman | 11/07/2020
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Read on for a detailed guide on how to get a loan against your car

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many difficulties, some of which are job losses, salary cuts and decreased salary, etc.  After the lockdown, many people suffer from economic difficulties but hesitate to take a loan. In this case, getting a loan against your car is a good idea. Many people have been informed of loan against property, FD, gold, etc. Nevertheless, the process to get these loans are very complicated and they usually come with high-interest rates. Surprisingly, your car can now also help you out in your financial crisis. The loan against car is much simpler and faster to get than other unsecured loans. This step-by-step guideline can help you get a loan against your car.

loan against car

The loan against car is a very good way to deal with the post-lockdown economic difficulties.


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Eligibility criteria for loan against car

Your credit score is the strongest asset to get the best offers from various lenders. With a view to qualifying for the best interest rates, a good credit score is necessary. It is also advisable to ensure that no errors exist in your credit report. Generally, lenders set several criteria based on the age of the car and more-than-10-year will also be refinanced.

Evaluate the loan-to-value ratio of your car

The most precise value of your car can now be assessed, using market demand, latest trends, which provides you with the highest loan against your car. If your car is well-maintained, this can help you take an even higher loan. If you have an existing loan, a loan against your car lender will close this loan and give you the remaining amount.


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Collect the necessary documents

Some documents are required for the process to take a loan against your car as follows:

  • Car Registration Certificate

  • Car Insurance

  • Address Proof

  • PAN Card

  • Bank Statement

car documents

Some documents are necessary for the process of getting loan against car to be implemented.

Shop for the most favourable deals

For all types of loans, it is necessary to take quotes from many lenders. It is a good idea to take quotes from an online lender. Nevertheless, you should also check with local credit unions and bank. Generally, you do not have to worry about the numerous questions that appear in your credit report. Auto loan lenders can utilize a soft inquiry to give you a rate quote and wait until you apply for a loan to implement a hard inquiry.


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Above is a step-by-step guideline on how to get a loan against your car, which has proved to be one of the best ways to recover from financial difficulties. Hope that this article will help you get a loan against your car faster and more easily.

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