People Asked To Draw Car Logos, The Result Is Hilarious

by Vivaan Khatri | 30/10/2020
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A car logo drawing experiment run by VanMoster will show you how far could it go wrong when people are asked to draw famous car logos.

The logo is the most distinctive part of a car, which can give us clues about what brand a car belongs to at first glance. Recognizing car logos is pretty simple if you have some basic knowledge about cars. However, when it comes to recalling what a car logo looks like and drawing it, things can go out of control. Even when you can identify the car brand by looking at the emblem, it does not mean you know how to draw the car logo without using any reference.

Van Monster, a big used car retailer in the United Kingdom, has done an experience where they ask 100 people to draw car logos from memory called “Motors by Memory”. The company has gathered 54 women and 46 men from different age groups and occupations. Each participant was given a set of felt-tip pens and sat in a separate booth.

These people were asked to draw 10 logos from their memory with no time constrain. The car logo drawing experiment included some famous car logos of the most popular brands in the world like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, Toyota, Ford, or Peugeot. At the same time, Van Monster also asked the participants to attempt to draw the car logos that are less common on roads, like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Vauxhall.

These car logo drawings were analyzed and arranged from the most accurate to the less accurate, based on the accuracy of colours, shapes, styles, and fonts. Things will become more interesting as you run your eyes down to the less accurate logos. Let’s see how accurate people can draw famous car logos from memory.

Audi Car Logo Drawing

Audi has one of the most simple and recognizable car logos in the car market. The logo of the world-leading car maker consists of four intertwined rings, representing four car companies of the Auto Union, Audi’s original company.

Even though the logo looks very simple, the participants still found ways to mess it up. 5% of participants confused the Audi logo with the Olympic logo, which is quite understandable since these two logos both include some rings. However, the very last versions of the Audi car logo drawings might get you off guard.



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Renault Car Logo Drawing

Renault’s car logo is a big and simple diamond shape. The good news is that 71 percent remembered that part while they were doing the test. However, looking at the actual results, you will be surprised at how far imagination can take you with just one simple cue. Interestingly, according to Van Monster’s analysis, despite being very straight-forward, Renault’s logo was most likely to be mistaken for something else.



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Toyota Car Logo Drawing

Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. It is currently ranked as the world’s largest car company. Due to its tremendous influence, Toyota’s logo is one of the most famous car logos out there.

However, its great popularity could not help the Japanese car brand to accelerate the brainpower of many people out there. And yes, even though Tata Motors is not that popular in the UK, some participants somehow managed to create something that looks closer to Tata’s logo than Toyota’s actual emblem. 19 percent of the participants failed to draw any part of the logo correctly.



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Volkswagen Car Logo Drawing

Established in 1938, the Volkswagen's logo has stayed mostly unchanged throughout its entire history. The famous car logo includes two overlapping Vs to create a W. Luckily, 98 percent of people remembered to include these two letters in their Volkswagen car logo drawings.



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Ford Car Logo Drawing

The main element of Ford’s logo is the Ford lettering in italic font. This font was used from 1907 and remains to be an unchanged part of the logo ever since. The use of the royal blue was added 20 years later. 89 percent of the participants included the blue colour on their recreations while only 58 percent managed to use the italic font on their Ford logos. Overall, the Ford car logo is remembered by most of the participants.


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BMW Car Logo Drawing

BMW has the most honoured car logo in the world. The distinctive characteristics of BMW include the quadrant layout, blue-white combination, and a black circle.


Most of the participants (92 percent) remembered the blue and white colour scheme. 59 percent included the quadrant layout. Only 7 percent of the participants forgot to include the circular logo.


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Peugeot Car Logo Drawing

Peugeot’s logo represents a lion. The lion trademark was registered in 1858. The logo of Peugeot has evolved and undergone many updates ever since. However, the idea of a car logo with a lion remains to be embraced. Admittedly, drawing animals of any sort is never easy. Even the most accurate car logos look funny and nothing similar to the original design.


According to the car logo drawing result, 20 percent of the participants did not recall the animal part. The staggering 48 percent totally messed up the lion image and 25 percent of the rest drew the lion in the wrong direction.


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Alfa Romeo Car Logo Drawing

To begin with, Alfa Rome’s car logo has a very complex design. To the left of the logo, there is a red cross. This symbol pays homage to Milan, the city where the brand started. On the right side, the logo features a green snake with a human coming out of its mouth. This idea of a car logo with snake is inspired by the symbol of the Visconti family. The logo is completed with a blue circle with Alfa Romeo lettering.


Due to its complexity, only 17 percent remembered to include both the cross and the snake. It seems that the snake is the more memorable part of the logo since 37 percent of the participants recalled the snake. On the other hand, only 26 percent remembered the flag. Interestingly, a quarter of the participants drew a shield instead of a circle.


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Vauxhall Car Logo Drawing

Vauxhall is a well-established car maker from the UK with a long history. Started in 1857, Vauxhall has gone through a lot of significant changes in terms of car logo design. However, the Griffin symbol continues to be the centre of the logo design.

The symbol was inspired by the coat of arms of the region where the car brand started. Being a mythical creature with a body of a lion and eagle head and wings, it is really hard for people to depict a Griffin. Less than haft of the participants attempted to draw a Griffin. And only 14 percent can come up with a drawing that resembles the original logo. Minor details like the flag with the V letter is excluded in 91 percent of the car logo drawings.


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Ferrari Car Logo Drawing

Ferrari logo is not something you can regularly see regularly on the streets (except if you are living in Dubai or some cities where rich people flock to). Even so, Ferrari has always borne a significant meaning to many. It is safe to say that most of us all are familiar with the car logo with horse of Ferrari even though not many of us have a chance to see it in real life.


The famous logo was created by Enzo Ferrari. The logo features a black prancing horse with a yellow background. Yellow is the colour of his hometown city. Inspired by the Italian flag, the logo also incorporates red, green, and white stripes.

In this car logo drawing experiment, most participants remembered the prancing stallion and the yellow background. Small details like three stripes and Ferrari wordmark were forgotten by a majority of participants.

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*All credit goes to Van Monster.


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