Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Comparison: Which Is Better To Buy?

by Harish Kumar | 29/08/2019
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Both Kia Seltos and Nissan Kicks are quite feature-rich and priced competitively. How the Kia Seltos stacks up against the Nissan Kicks in the competition? We’ll find out.

1. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks: Introduction

After months of media hype and anticipation, Kia Motors has started its innings in India with the launch of the Kia Seltos. Kia’s first product for India, the Seltos now can be had at the price of around Rs 9.69 Lakh – 15.99 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) and is available in 16 different variants including 6 engine-transmission combos for customers to choose from. Being a very feature-rich compact SUV, the Kia Seltos comes to pose a major threat to some established players like the Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier, MG Hector and the Nissan Kicks.

On the other hands, the Nissan Kicks has been already a global nameplate. In India, the Kicks is considered a special product on which Nissan spends much hope to find a stroke of fortunes around. The Japanese carmaker has bet much on it and truth be told, the Kicks is currently the best sale driver of Nissan in the country. In our new Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks comparison review, we pit the two models against each other to know how well they compare with each other in aspects like those of Prices, Specs, Design and Dimensions.

kia seltos nissan kicks front image

2. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Dimensions: Which Is Bigger?

 Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks - Dimensions
 Dimensions  Kia Seltos  Nissan Kicks
 Length  4315 mm  4384 mm
 Width  1800 mm  1813 mm
 Height  1620 mm  1656 mm
 Wheelbase  2610 mm  2673 mm
 Ground Clearance  190 mm  210 mm
 Boot Space  433 litres  400 litres

While the Kicks sold abroad is developed on the same platform as the Nissan Micra, the India-spec Nissan Kicks is built on an upgraded version of the M0 platform that also underpins the Renault Captur. From this, the India-spec Kicks is considerably larger than the model sold in some other markets around the world.

kia seltos vs nissan kicks side profile

In comparison with the Kia Seltos, the Nissan Kicks is still marginally longer, wider and taller. The Nissan Kicks measures 4,384 mm in length, 1,813 mm in width and 1,619 mm in height while those of the Kia Seltos stand at 4,315 mm, 1,800 mm, 1,620 mm, respectively. Even with 2,673 mm in the wheelbase and 210 mm in the ground clearance, the Kicks is also longer than the Seltos by 63 mm and 20 mm. Interestingly, the Kia Seltos gets a boot space of 433 litres that boasts 33 litres more than the Kicks's 400-litre boot lid. The Kicks becomes the clear winner of our Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks comparison review.

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3. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Design: Which Is Better Looking?

Exterior Comparison

Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos officially entered the market with a bang thanks to its attractive sporty looking design and competitive tags. Yes, Kia Seltos is a handsome car. And quite obviously, given the phenomenal responses and reactions from the car buyers in India in recent times, the Seltos’s cosmetic beauty is totally impressive.

kia seltos exterior front view

The thing is, in the Indian automobile market or so, the production models often go far away from their concepts car but that’s not the case for the Kia Seltos. After the Seltos’s official debut in Delhi, people are so excited that the Kia Seltos inherits all its handsome cues as what they’ve expected from the Kia SP concept. The Seltos gets a great road presence thanks to its modern and masculine stance. In short, India is a greatly important automobile market when it comes to the design and Kia Motors understands that well.

kia seltos exterior front angle

The near-vertical front end of the Seltos along with upright pillars are some of the traditional SUV bits that fit well amongst the Indian buyers’ liking. The outstanding signature Tiger Nose front grille, large multi-layer crown jewel LED projector headlights and heartbeat-shaped LED DRLs, ice-cube fog lamps and stylish bumper are perfectly sculpted, giving the Seltos a distinctive face. What is even more special on the model is the good use of detailing. For instance, the Tiger Nose grille of the Seltos gets a good level of chrome inserts with knurled effect. The LED strip that bridges the headlights to the snout looks brilliant and comes to accentuate the car’s overall width.

kia seltos exterior rear angle

The side and rear profile of the SUV are also in line with the sharp bold front end. The 17-inch diamond-cut alloys are lavishly designed while the rising window lines make a contrasting effect with the dropping roofline. The heartbeat-shaped LED tail lamps with a thick chrome bar also stand out at the back.

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Nissan Kicks

nissan kicks launch event front three quarters

On the other hands, the Nissan Kicks is quite a smart and handsome SUV that delivers a good mix of lines and curves along with many other modern design elements. Though sharing the same mechanical bits with the Captur underneath, the new Nissan Kicks’s exterior design is quite a different kettle of fish.

nissan kicks side angle

You will never mistake the new Kicks for anything else but an international-spec model with the signature V-motion upper grille, an upright stance, flat bonnet. It gets necessary bits on the outside – LED headlamps, LED daytime running light, floating roof, a blacked-out D-pillar and 17-inch machine-cut wheels among others. To enhance its crossover-like SUV silhouette, the all-new Kicks also comes with front and rear skid plates, pronounced character lines at the side, roof rails and a lot more. The roof rail of the Nissan car is not for your eyes only, it has decent practicality and all. The Japanese brand claimed that the Nissan Kicks’s roof rail could carry up to 100 kg of cargo in truth. The rear end of the car looks chunky. It sports slopping windshield and nicely-designed tail lamps along with a premium chrome bar mounted on the tailgate. However, the taillamps are still inferior to that of the Seltos as they don’t get an LED treatment.

nissan kicks exterior rear angle

Above all, in our subjective sense, the Nissan Kicks looks pretty good in its all glory but still falls short on the Kia Seltos in terms of the cosmetic beauty. Hence, the new model is the winner of this part of our Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks Comparison. 

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Interior Comparison

Nissan Kicks

nissan kicks interior dashboard layout

Nissan seems to have gone a long way to lift the upmarket feel on the inside of the Nissan Kicks. And things have been paid off. The SUV gets a premium cabin with a dual-tone colour theme and refreshing layout, to say the least. From the leather-wrapped steering with a flat bottom, premium faux leather upholstery to the soft-touch materials used on the dash, the interiors of the Nissan SUV does not have much to complain. The cabin is feature-laden too, with an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Wi-Fi hotspot, reverse parking camera, automatic climate control, cruise control, rain-sensing wipers, adjustable driver seat, etc. However, the major highlight of the entire cabin should be the first-in-segment 360-degree birds-eye camera that gives the driver a complete view surrounding the car while it’s in a narrow parking space.

nissan kicks cabin layout

However, while the Kicks’ interiors can tick most of the right boxes, there are several grouses inside the cabin of the model that we might have to face up to. In fact, the driver sits considerably higher than any other passenger in the cabin, which might not be an issue for tall people but will for sure cause trouble for any shorter people like me. Besides, the steering-mounted controls and telephone talk lack illumination while the storage spaces are not so ample. Lastly, the premium leather-wrapped seats may look nice but they do not provide lumbar support indeed.

Kia Seltos

kia seltos interior dashboard

In comparison with the Nissan Kicks, the Kia Seltos is a whole new ball game. Getting in and out of the Seltos’s cabin is a breeze since it sits at an appropriate height. The interior quality is at an excellent level, even on par with much pricier European cars. The interiors of the Kia Seltos will make you feel that what you've received far exceeds your money’s worth. It comes with comfortable leather-wrapped seats, leather-wrapped flat-bottomed steering wheel, soft-touch panels and sophisticated dashboard.

kia seltos interior dashboard

The Seltos’s cabin even scores well in terms of technology and practicality. While the mid-spec models get an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, the higher-spec trims come with a large 10.25-inch touchscreen unit. After the MG Hector and Hyundai Venue, the Kia Seltos is the third Indian car to offer connected car features. Similar to Hyundai’s Blue Link connectivity suite, the Seltos’s UVO connected package boasts as many as 37 features from which users can enjoy the convenience of geofencing, remote aircon operation, remote immobilization, speed limiter and more. Other impressive interior features of the Seltos include 360-degree parking camera, heads-up display, wireless charging system, air purifier, ventilated front seats, an 8-speaker Bose sound system, etc. Again, it's the new SUV here which is the winner of our Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks Comparison review. 

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4. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Engine Specs: Which Is Better In Terms Of Performance?

  Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks - Engines and Gearboxes
 Diesel Engines  Kia Seltos  Nissan Kicks
 Engine Type  4-cyl turbocharged  4-cyl turbocharged
 Displacement  1.5-litre  1.5-litre
 Power  115 HP  110 HP
 Torque  250 Nm  240 Nm
 Manual Transmission  6-speed MT  6-speed MT
 Automatic Transmission  AT  - 
 Fuel Mileage  21.18 kmpl  19.39 kmpl
 Petrol Engines  Kia Seltos  Nissan Kicks
 Engine Type  4-cyl naturally-aspirated/ 4-cyl turbocharged  4-cyl naturally-aspirated
 Displacement  1.5-litre/ 1.4-litre  1.5-litre
 Power  115 HP/ 140 HP  106 HP
 Torque  144 Nm/ 242 Nm  142 Nm
 Manual Transmission  6-peed MT  5-speed MT
 Automatic Transmission  CVT/ 7-speed DCT  -
 Fuel Mileage

 16.5 kmpl (1.5MT), 16.8 kmpl (CVT)

 16.1 kmpl( 1.4), 16.5 kmpl (DCT)

 14.23 kmpl

It’s worth noting that the Kia Seltos’s engines are BSVI-compliant right from its launch. The first Kia’s offering for India uses three engine options under the bonnet – a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol, a 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel and a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol unit. While the 1.5-litre petrol mill can make 115 HP/ 144 Nm, the turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines can churn out 115HP/ 250 Nm and 140 HP/242 Nm, respectively. For the first time ever, there is an SUV going on sale with three automatic transmission options on its board. The 6-speed MT becomes standard across all variants while the engines also get an optional automatic gearbox each, comprising a 6-speed CVT (for the 1.5-litre diesel), a 7-speed DCT (for the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol) and a CVT (for the 1.5-litre petrol unit).

kia seltos front three quarters right side

In the meantime, the Nissan Kicks is available with two engine options under the hood, including a 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel and a 1.5-litre petrol unit. The former is capable of generating 110 HP of max power and 240 Nm of peak torque and comes mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The latter is connected with a 5-speed manual gearbox and puts out 106 HP / 142 Nm of torque. The Nissan Kicks misses out on the automatic transmission.

Apparently, the Kia Seltos enjoys a slight power and torque advantage over the Kicks’ engines. The transmission choices on the Seltos is quite obviously more enticing than the Kicks’ package. The Seltos is also the more fuel-efficient of the two, regardless of the transmission option. Yet again, it's the new model that is the winner of our Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks Comparison review. 

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5. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Top Speed: Which Is Faster?

Specs Kia Seltos Nissan Kicks 
 Top Speed  170 kmph  NA
 Acceleration 0-100 kmph  sub-10 seconds  11.6 secs

6. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Mileage: Which Is More Fuel Efficient?

Kia Seltos gets a claimed fuel efficiency figure of around 16 - 17 kmpl that makes it more economical than the Nissan Kicks which returns a fuel mileage of 14.23 kmpl only.

Specs   Kia Seltos Nissan Kicks 
 Fuel Type  Petrol | Diesel  Petrol | Diesel    
 Fuel Tank  50 litres  50 litres
 Fuel Mileage

 16.5 kmpl (1.5MT), 16.8 kmpl (CVT)

 16.1 kmpl( 1.4), 16.5 kmpl (DCT)

 14.23 kmpl

7. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Price: Which Is Cheaper?

Kia has priced the Seltos quite competitively at the range of Rs 9.69 – 15.99 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Whereas, the Kicks sits a bit lower in the pricing range of Rs 9.55- 14.65 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). While the Seltos might be marginally more expensive than its rival when it comes to the base petrol models, the base Seltos diesel manages to undercut the base Kicks diesel variant by a great margin.

 Prices  Kia Seltos Nissan Kicks 
 Ex-showroom Price (Delhi)  Rs 9.69 - 16.99 Lakh  Rs 9.55 - 13.69 Lakh
 On-road Price (Delhi)  Rs 11.30 - 20.06 Lakh  Rs 11.46 - 16.38 Lakh

8. Kia Seltos: Other Competitors

Kia Seltos faces the rivalries from some vehicles such as Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV500 and Jeep Compass in the market.

 Other Competitors  Compare with Kia Seltos
 Hyundai Creta  Kia Seltos vs Hyundai Creta
 Tata Harrier  Kia Seltos vs Tata Harrier
 Mahindra XUV500  Kia Seltos vs Mahindra XUV500
 Jeep Compass  Kia Seltos vs Jeep Compass

9. Nissan Kicks: Other Competitors

 Other Competitors  Compare with Nissan Kicks
 Hyundai Creta, Renault Captur, Jeep Compass  Nissan Kicks vs Hyundai Creta
 Maruti S-Cross  Nissan Kicks vs Maruti S-Cross

10. Kia Seltos vs Nissan Kicks Verdict: Which Model Is Worth Buying?

With a variety of engine-automatic transmission choices, a lengthy list of features and attractive price stickers, the Kia Seltos seems to have a big competitive edge over the Nissan Kicks counterpart. Hence, it's the winner of our Kia Seltos Vs Nissan Kicks Comparison review. Kia seems to have a successor on their hands. And the numbers say it all! Kia Seltos has now become the best-selling model in the SUV segment.

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